Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A New Start

Someone's been whispering in my ear. Actually two or three someones, but these just happened along at the right time. It's a risk to write this one as it's in the same vein as Fallen and if Fallen isn't marketable, this one won't be either. However, when you're walking around the grocery store and little bits of story are being fed to you, you've got to do what's right. So meet Kaitlin, Caleb, and Lamech. No it's not going to be a three way. I don't do that type of story. :)

So a decision must be made for the extra line. Breann's & Jude's was things that got beat up today. Hannah's and Jack's was number of kisses. I don't know fully how this story is going to play out. So for now we'll try something new.


New words: 811
Total words: 811
Kaitlin: Not a hunter, but is about to receive her calling
Caleb: Fallen Angel
Lamech: Angel
What stage of grief we are in: Denial
Random sampling of text: His words made no sense like he spoke a foreign language. He couldn’t be speaking about Derek. He had the wrong address, surely. She would tell him if only she could get her tongue and mouth to move again.

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