Friday, February 29, 2008

A Day Late

I haven't been feeling well after dinner lately, so I've been postponing my reports until the next day. I didn't make as much progress as I'd hoped yesterday and I had to resort to a place holder in the scene that was holding me back. I write chronologically, everything feeds off the scene before. I'll write down ideas and even dialogue for scenes when I'm plotting, but they have to wait their turn to be written. So my placeholder which will be fixed in revision along with the scene before it. I was telling my husband last night that I think I'm getting too bogged down in the mechanics of a scene. He does something, she has an immediate reaction, thinks about it, purposely reacts and then he reacts to her action. Needless to say(but I'm going to anyway) having this running through your brain during a love scene just doesn't work. So I'm going to go at it from the organic level, i.e. let it build on itself instead of forcing it. When I go back through in edits, I'll correct it to have the proper flow. Regardless, I'm taking a pass on it for now and moving on to the climax and ending. I'm hoping to finish first draft today, so I can start again on Fallen tomorrow with the beginning of 70 Days of Sweat.

Beloved(working title)

New words:554
New pages: 2 out of 45
Total words: 9802
Emily: Ready to sacrifice for love
James: Feeling peckish
# of Kisses: I don't think any.
Listened to while writing: Nothing
Random sampling of text: She was about to enter the dragon’s den and didn’t want to get eaten for her efforts.

Note: There aren't dragons in this even though it's paranormal.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Though it would be great to try to continue to trick myself, Beloved is not going to be done at 10000 words. It will however be at least the length a Nocturne Bites needs to be. So as long as I keep it under 15000 words we'll be fine. But it was really nice seeing myself 94% done before changing the length and going back to 75%.

Yesterday Progress

Beloved(working title)

New words:1533
New pages: 8 out of 43
Total words: 9248
Emily: Not ready to run
James: To protect Emily willing to run.
# of Kisses: uh, 5. Umm, on the mouth :)
Listened to while writing: Shipwrecked, Ride by Cary Brothers (as heard on Scrubs)
Random sampling of text: “I couldn’t let you be dragged into this world. I had no choice in the matter. I tried to let you go when I realized what was happening.”

A single tear escaped and ran down her cheek. “You did let me go.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Know What I'll Be Doing Tomorrow

Beloved(working title)

New words: 679
New pages: 3 out of 35
Total words: 7711
Emily: Falling against her will
James: Protective
# of Kisses: 1 intense kiss so far (stopped in scene)
Listened to while writing: Shipwrecked by Shane Alexander (If you've seen Bones you need this song)
Random sampling of text: The moment hung there, a breath separating their kiss. A moment for her to back away. A moment for her to change her mind. A moment not needed. She needed James. She wanted him. She’d never stopped loving him or mourning him. To have him again had seemed too much to hope. The last bits of her resolve to remain distanced slipped away.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Got My Groove On

I also finished the synopsis for the Desire I'm planning, so there's a skeleton for the plot.

Beloved(working title)

New words: 2449
New pages: 11 out of 32
Total words: 7032
Emily: Finally got away
James: Angry she got away
# of Kisses: 0
Listened to while writing: Nothing
Random sampling of text:“Look what we have here.” A voice that would haunt her dreams for years to come echoed slyly in the garage. No one else would hear him, just her.
The shaking started in her hands. She couldn’t speak. This was it. No more second chances. He would kill her.
“Tsk, tsk. James always said you were so brave. I expected a she-cat not a mouse.”

What Makes a Great Kiss?

I'll admit I'm no expert when it comes to kissing. I've kissed a total of 7 guys plus 4 that weren't really kisses. But I guess it's not the quantity but the quality. I think Jane Austen had it easy. She just had to write about love and not kissing. It's not that I mind writing kissing scenes. It's trying to convey what a kiss means. Technique is one thing. But when you write a kiss, it's almost like you accent the feelings with the technique. I haven't tried to do a google search on writing kissing. I'm almost scared to see what will show up. The thing is how do you describe the perfect kiss. How do you get the feelings that go behind that kiss? The anticipation? The overwhelming stuff that goes into kissing? Especially that first kiss with someone special. Most of my ideas are new couples meeting and kissing for the first time. The short piece I'm working on now is about past lovers reuniting. How much easier is it to fall into a kiss when you already know it's going to be the stuff dreams are made of?

How do you do it? How do you create that escalation of "Hi, how ya doin" to "oh, my God. whata man"?

Yup, I checked out Google search. Here's a couple humorous ones:


Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm torn. I've need to revisit Fallen and finish that. I'm half way through my short for Nocturne Bites and I definitely want to complete that, revise and submit. I've been taking a course on writing Silhouette Desires, so I've been dalying with that one. I was on pubrant yesterday and after reading what they weren't looking for in paranormal an idea hit, so I wrote it down and now it's on my mind. So I have 2 WIPs and 2 ideas/plots roaming through my head. And my idea folder has 52 files all representing a single idea for a story. Idea generation is not something I need to research. Fast writing is. Fast revising is. Fast selling is. I think it's time to write a schedule and stick to it after I run to the bank and the grocery store and clean the kitchen, dining room, living room and shampoo the carpets and pack because I have four weeks before I'm going home and [See blog title above].

Thursday, February 21, 2008

March Workshops

March is fast approaching. Here's a list of workshops available and the links to get to them.

Celtic Hearts presents Dialogue - Let your characters do the talking with Sharon Mignerey, March 1-16 and I predict a new story in your future: Developing your story with the Tarot by Elizabeth Delisi, March 17-31 and for April, The castles of England and France 1100-1500 by Sharron Gunn, April 3-May 13. All are $15 for non-members.

Kiss of Death presents Empowering Character Emotion by Margie Lawson and Inside the criminal mind: Different crimes, different motivations or why they kill by Lucinda Schroeder both run all March, and Writing Fighting by Milton G. March 15-April 15. All cost $30 for non-members.

Access Romance presents Writing to the Market by Katherine Garbera March 24 to April 6. Cost is $10.

Writer U presents Isn't it romantic? Developing romance in your romance novel by Virginia Kantra March 3-31 and for April PACING: How to create a page turning manuscript by Mary Buckham April 1-30. Cost is $30.

Carolina Romance Writers presents First Drafts, Outlining your Novel by T.L. Gray 2 weeks in March. Cost is $15 for non-members.

Heart of Dixie presents Inside the minds of serial killers and those who track them down with Greg Moffatt. Cost is $20.


Oo, I get to play. It's like getting picked in gym class. You really want to be picked but you have to play it cool until someone picks you. Yeah, I was one of those kids that was picked last. Okay so here it goes. Ms. Sandie Hudson was kind enough to tag me. I've seen this one on other blogs as well.

The 'rules' are as follows :
1/ you link back to the person who tagged you.
2/ post these rules on your blog.
3/ share six unimportant things about yourself.
4/ tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5/ let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Six unimportant things about me:

1. I have excellent nails. Always have, even as a child. Other girls asked if they were fake. Oh, yah, they're real. :)
2. I wrote a story when I was in fifth grade based on Clan of the Cave Bear, but with panthers. I didn't finish it and I used "then" a lot. (somehow my mind goes to embarrassing things)
3. I was a volunteer at our local hospital when I was 15 years old. I even got an award for 100 hours of service. It was not court mandated.
4. I have a new laptop that I'm really not using yet. It has Vista and Word 2007.
5. The older I get, I'm finding it more difficult to step outside my comfort zone and learn something new. Case in point, my new laptop.
6. There is a new baby somewhere in our apartment building and when I hear it crying through the registers or floor, I want to go find the apartment and ask if I can hold it for a while just to make it stop.

Now, here's the thing. I'd hate to tag someone who doesn't want to play. It's like running up on the playground and tagging someone standing on the sidelines and them saying "I'm not playing." So if you read this and haven't done this and don't mind doing this, leave a message in the comments and I'll officially tag you.

Tag You're It! Thanks for playing!

1. Kristi

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleansing My Romantic Palette

Having currently watched The Painted Veil and Atonement, I needed something to bring me back to happily ever after. Both are excellent films with fantastic writing, but my poor romantic soul is crushed. So to resuscitate the poor thing, I'm taking this foggy bitterly cold morning to watch Pride & Prejudice. Uplifting, heart shatteringly beautiful. It fills my heart with joy at the ending every time. I don't buy a lot of movies like my husband. I usually don't need to watch the same film over and over, but this one is a classic. Excellent writing, wonderfully acted, beautiful scenery and love. Love unlike any other. I have the greatest respect for the BBC version though I do not own it. I do own the Kiera Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen. It's shorter but it still does the story justice. Okay it's playing now and I have to concentrate so my heart gets the full effect.

Monday, February 18, 2008

No Lassie Needed

I didn't fall down a well, though I may have felt that way. My kids were home last week on midterm and I just can't concentrate on writing with them around. I know others do and I probably should quit my crying and just do it. But I didn't. I did keep up with the class that I'm taking and made some good headway on the idea for the class. I spent the morning baking cookies and cleaning the kitchen. Some things do need to be done now as we are five weeks from heading back to the states. (Yes, the cookies needed to be done. Peanut Butter Cookies a rarity in England. Besides my car broke down last week and I'm still dealing. Cookies, good.) Stress does me no good either. Physically, mentally. I do plan on writing tomorrow. I want to finish Beloved before returning to Fallen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Hopping

Over at Plot Monkeys, Alison Kent is blogging about plot using braiding. I like it. Might try it.


Jordan Summers's(not Sparks) blog has Ginger Clark, agent for Curtis Brown Ltd., answering some questions regarding the agent relationship. By the way, Ginger says she's looking for paranormals with genies and sucubus. Can you just imagine the fun?


Don't forget to check out the Valentines Round Robin over at Manuscript Mavens. You get to vote on what happens next and it is hil-a-rious. Seriously, give it a look.


Oh, Sven is back, baby. Need a daily inspiration and motivation, Sven is it. Whether you sign up or not, when this site goes active for the 70 days of sweat, it is well worth stopping by to see the daily post. Setting and maintaining reasonable writing goals is one of the hard things to do for the newby and even experienced writer. Having a supportive community is great for this. And you can see Sven's picture. :)


It's a bit late for the contest, but Lauren Dane's post on Sex in books is awesome.


While on the subject, Morgan Hawke (quickly becoming a favorite of mine) has an article up about romance and love. Check it out.


Valentine's Day got you down. Then join the rebellion and just so no to VD. (I'm so immature that I giggle everytime I see VD.) Amie Stuart is leading the charge.


So go blog hopping, I know I do.

Edited: I need to hire an editor to check my blogs before I post. No spelling errors just wrong words, which is worse really?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Zone

Sunday was a big old zero day and the brats are home this week, but I'm still gunning to finish the first draft of this short story this week.

Beloved(working title)
New words: 786
New pages: 3
Total words: 4,325
Emily: Petrified in fear
James: Trying to stay out of the sunlight
# of Kisses: 0
Listened to while writing: Headphones in but nothing playing (how big a dork am I?)
Random sampling of text: The fighting hellcat of an hour ago rested into him seeking comfort like a frightened child. It touched a place he’d thought long chilled from disuse. It alarmed him and he pushed her away from him.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Steaming up my Glasses

Beloved(working title)
New words: 965
New pages: 4
Total words: 3,539
Emily: Wants to escape
James: Having way too much fun stopping Emily from escaping
# of Kisses: 1 (maybe a little necking)
Listened to while writing: The Pretender by Foo Fighters and once through Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna
Random sampling of text:(Her POV) “Please,” she whispered.
“Please what, Emily?” His eyes flared, the blue lit by an unholy light.
Please hold me closer. Please take me now. Please love me again. She shook her head. “Please let go.”

Friday, February 08, 2008

Naughty is Right

These two can't seem to keep their hands to themselves. I'm posting this way too early because I don't think they are done with me yet, but here's today's progress so far. I'll be updating it at the end of the night as well.

Beloved(working title)
New words: 2,574
New pages: 12
Total words: 2,574
Emily: Wants to escape
James: Having a difficult time keeping Emily in one place
# of Kisses: 2
Listened to while writing: The Pretender by Foo Fighters
Random sampling of text: “I can keep you safe if you’ll let me.”
“Yeah, but who will keep me safe from you.” Her words were breathy and she hated it.


Yep, that's right. I'm being naughty. See my friend told be Nocturne (Silhouette) is accepting bites aka briefs (10,000-15,000) words and James and Emily started talking fiercely in my ear. See they have this little story they'd love to tell. And who am I to deny when Jude and Breann are being hard on me. So a little break from them to tell a short story would be nice. The energy is flowing for these two. They have a history which is the only way I think I could tell this story. So I'm temporarily going off track and driving down a side road, just for a little bit. Tentatively entitled Beloved (which will likely be changed, but hey I gotta have something). I plotted using my outline and we'll see how they get to each point. I have five scenes envisioned, but there will be some transition scenes as well.

Listening to: Foo Fighters The Pretender over and over on loop

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Umm. Yeah.

So, today didn't go so well. I wrote a total of 82 words. I could list excuses, but I had some time and could have at least cranked out 1000 words. I just didn't have anything to say today. So tomorrow I'll push through to at least 20 pages. No more reruns on TV. No more excuses.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I know I know. I've got to put my nose to the grindstone tomorrow. I'm still happy with my progress though.

New words: 3,061
New pages: 14
Total words: 20,073
Breann: Went on a binger
Jude: Took care of a drunk Breann
Things that got beat up today: One got a firm talking to
Random sampling of text: “Whaaat? I’m fine. I just had a bit to drink and hit a few people. Well, not really people, but. . .” She met his eyes and grinned sloppily. “Ah, you know what I mean.” She struggled to stand up.

My Outline

Using a little bit of everything I came up with my plot. First off, I'd written a draft in November for NaNo. I plotted then by writing scenes on notecards. I incorporated way too much back story, but I've been able to salvage some of it for the rewrite. I also realized that the story wasn't as dark as I wanted it. So I add another villian. Originally there was a supervillian and a villian the heroine was after. Enter villian who is after heroine. Now all these villians work together or not as the plot dictates. Also, I needed my hero to have a more compelling reason to tell her to stay with her. And it had become a bit too date like, which for the story I wanted to tell was not the proper format. So plotting exercise two:

First I storyboarded my first novel with poster board and Post-its. This allowed me to go back through the entire story and figure out where things could be added. Well, this is when I realized the story just wasn't the story for this novel. From the Snowflake Method, I knew my one sentence (it was my original idea). The next step is to form a paragraph from that sentence with about five sentences. The next step was about characters which had me going around the internet looking for clues. I could figure out my characters goals, motivations, and conflicts, but they were all plot related. Not so much on the internal conflict. So, from the internet I found Dark Erotica and read a dozen articles in a few days. I couldn't decide whether to use spreadsheet or notecards or Word.

In the end I used a Word outline form and listed these things:
Inciting Event - Denial
Crisis - Anger
Climax/Reversal - Despair
Ordeal - Sacrifice
Confrontation - Acceptance

I put each of my five scenes from the Snowflake as the beginning scene of each event. From there I used the second word or the five stages of grief to work where each character was with their internal conflict and built scenes that would lead to the next big event. Every scene has a purpose. Under each scene I would write what I wanted to accomplish with that scene. So now when I'm working with my story, I have open my book plot outline, my first draft, and the new novel document. If I find something I want to keep from the old draft, I cut and paste and revise to go with the new story line. I've kept the same scenes from the first four chapters but am rewriting them.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Picking up Speed

The words doth floweth. I'm starting to get into the groove of writing again. I am a little concerned with having enough story for my length, but we'll see.

New words: 4,318
New pages: 20
Total words: 17,012
Breann: Bought a pretty dress
Jude: In a strip club
Things that got beat up today: None, damn, another slow day
Random sampling of text: He’d watched the transformation from preppy dressed photographer to leather clad temptress of the demons.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Check In

You never know I might find more time to write today.

New words: 1,776
New pages: 8
Total words: 12,694
Breann: Got him into her bed
Jude: Not staying in her bed
Things that got beat up today: None, damn, slow day
Random sampling of text: “Let me help you.”
“Yeah, you were a big help tonight. Getting injured and then passing out and almost falling off the bike—“
“I was unarmed.”

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Slow Down

Weekends aren't real good times to write for me. I know this so it really isn't an excuse, just a fact. So I did get to write just not that much. That's what the weekdays are for.

New words: 1,007
New pages: 5
Total words: 10,918
Breann: Saving Jude's ass
Jude: Not really thinking
Things that got beat up today: One
Research topics: Angels
Random sampling of text: In a flash Breann stood between him and it. “Hi, remember me. We were having a conversation before you went all homicidal on that guy.” She gestured with her thumb toward Jude.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Progress Made

My plot ended up in a Word outline format and with a little over 50 scenes. I'll try to come up with more if I get the chance. Today I started Fast Draft with a goal of about 20 pages. I haven't gotten there yet but there's still time tonight. I'm sitting at 18 pages (umm, I love the fact that I'm doing some scenes that are similar just a little different). Taking a cue from Elle I'm posting the following:

New words: 3,731
Total words: 9,911
Breann: Would like to get freaky with Jude
Jude: Trying to get Breann to think of other things
Things that got beat up today: Three
Research topics: Angels
Random sampling of text: “Where’s the pamphlet?”
“What pamphlet?”
“The one that says Jesus saves in big black letters and contains all I never wanted to ask, but you’re still going to tell me anyway, about whatever freaky deaky church you’re trying to pander off on me.”