Thursday, October 09, 2008

No I'm Not Dead

Though with this head cold I feel like I should be. I've been working on the agent hunt. I've used the resources available to me agencyquery.com and agency blogs and websites. I've narrowed it down to six agents for the first run and then when they reject me, I mean fight over me, I'll figure out who to send it to next for the remainder of my list. Do I know who will be the best agent for me? No. Can I tell from a website? No. I guess I just live and learn. Here's the thing I do know. I will not be posting my rejections on this blog except in passing. I know some people have been burnt by that and I don't intend to become one of them. Besides I began this blog to inspire myself. So I won't be listing my six agents or who wants me and who doesn't, but I will let you know if I land one. I'm all about celebrating. Oh, that scene from below. Yeah, it got cut. I think Breann was trying to rear her very nicely shaped head into the picture, but what this book needs is a softer woman.


New words: 866
Total words: 10,247
Kaitlin: confused by her lack of memory
Caleb: A very guilt ridden Fallen Angel
Eli: Still a bit high and mighty Angel
What stage of grief we are in: Heading toward Anger
Random sampling of text:“Do you have a name?”
When he just stared at her, she thought maybe he was hard of hearing or maybe she spoke to fast.
Enunciating, slower and louder, she said, “Do you have a name?”

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