Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Links, links, links

One of the things I've found while starting back to writing is that there are a lot of links out there. I thought I'd post some of the interesting ones I've found or was told about.

One of my favorites. This shows what publishers are offering in the way of advances and actual payout.

Publishers - links to publishers and whether or not they take submissions

What's a website without giving props to someone who's helped you along. This is one of my crit partner's website.

Amazingly or not so amazingly, Harlequin has a really good site.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Aspirations of a Writer

Given my need for creativity and the ability to break free from the mold of being a CPA, I have always wanted to write. I do a lot of writing in my current job but it's defined by the standards of the industry. What I truly want to do is write for passion. Not for an error someone made when posting a cash receipt, but to tell a story. Of course, I love a happily ever after, so I've made my way toward starting to write romance novels.

I know, I know. Romance novels, bodice rippers. With the new wave of erotic fiction and romantic erotica, I find myself still having trouble talking about body parts in such descriptive ways. Mind you, I like reading it, but I have trouble writing those portions. With my family and my career, I haven't had much time to write. I've got a couple of works in progress. One's still holding the towel, the other is pissed as hell for being taken, one is sketched out and waiting for sex toys, and the other is being researched.

Here's hoping I actually finish one. Can a mother of two quit her career to stay at home with her children and write romance? A question which will sadly be left unanswered as the woman in question needs funds for the children in question and to be able to afford the house in question.

So here in lies the adventure, is it possible to work full-time and be a mommy and wife and crank out a novel worth publishing? That's what this blog is truly about. Growing out of the Berry Patch.