Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waiting Game

Today they are supposed to contact the finalists in the FAB (Finally a Bride) contest. So while every wrong number and junk e-mail has been making my heart race, I decided to send queries, which made me queasy. No one likes rejection. I'm not going to cry at being rejected. I don't get upset when people critique my work. I invite second and third and fourth opinions. They do help. But each time I send out a query, I double check to make sure everything is right. As I press the send button, I want to squeeze my eyes shut and flinch away from the computer. Of course, my e-mail likes to make sure I want to send the message which makes me question myself for another minute before pressing go.

I know that Fallen is ready. I'm taking one more go through it tonight. I feel a lot more confident in it than my first attempt novel, Dragon's Heart. I still love Dragon's Heart and Jack. I've noticed a theme of grief in my novels which I think after Forsaken is done I'll need to pull away from for a while. Maybe I'll go for something a little more playful next time. Some of the Angel series are a little lighter and there are a few time travels that should be fun to write. Okay, I feel better now. I closed my e-mail program and will be leaving the house shortly. Of course, I'll be frantically checking e-mail and voicemail when I get home, but until then I should have a little peace.


Merry said...

Good luck with your queries, Amanda. And fingers crossed for the FAB (makes me think of Thunderbirds!)



Kristi said...

good luck, amanda... did you get the word yet? :)