Monday, October 20, 2008

FAB Contest Entries Back

Okay, so three judges and drop the lowest score. 97, 96 and 75. From this I know competition was fierce because those are some pretty good scores. The 75 didn't like the story and thought it might work for erotica, which made me laugh. While the story is filled with sexual tension, there is very little sex. I did try to downplay the first scene which has the heroine making moves on someone that creeps her out. I tried to inject it with this guy is creepy and I'm only doing this to capture him. While it works for some, it didn't for this judge. She made comments on the judging score sheet and was very thorough as to why she marked me down. I know how hard it is to judge a contest and trying to be objective while you really aren't into the story.

Regardless, I did well with two judges and am thrilled to bits. I just hope agents like my writing as well as they did. Everyone's comments are important and I'll be looking at the first chapter with critical eyes particularly the 75 judge's eyes. I'm a bit of a comma less person, which got me docked. Commas are wonderful things, really. I just don't use them as often as I should. Fortunately, I've got a crit partner who is the comma police. Wow, I can't wait to find out what the other people scored. They are sending out a matrix at the end of November.

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Kristi said...

Two such high scores is definitely a good sign. Were you judged against other paranormals or just manuscripts in general? Because that can make a big difference on the score you get. Especially if the judge isn't a fan of paranormals, or of dark (which could have led to the erotica comment).

I know I'd have a hard time judging some categories (even within contemporaries...western themes usually make me cringe, for example).

And besides, you were in a contest against other contest finalists--scoring an average of 89ish out of 100 sounds pretty encouraging!