Friday, October 17, 2008


The results were posted for FAB and I wasn't on them. I'm still waiting to get my scores back and the comments, which I love about contests. Not the waiting, the actual comments. I started back to working on Forsaken yesterday and this morning. It's sprinting day, so I'll be writing all morning until the rugrats come home early from school. I'll have to think of a way to distract them so I can get some more writing done. I'm putting the queries out of my mind for the time being since most sites say 2-4 weeks. I need to dig out the story I was thinking of doing for NaNo and make sure I'm still vested in it. Hmmm. What else? What else? I'm working on crits for my critique partners. Writing my book. Researching the industry. I think that about takes care of it.

Here's a list of agents I've researched so far along with their websites. I have not queried all these agents and don't plan to query some of them, but I'm not telling you which ones. :)

For information regarding agencies from clients and people who have submitted go to Absolute Write. There's a treasure trove of info on that site, but as with any site, take it with a grain of salt. To be honest, I've liked most of the agent websites I found. I narrowed my search by whether they were looking for paranormal (which of course is me) and what type of feel I got for the person. Yeah, yeah, I went with the warm fuzzy feelings.

The Knight Agency, Inc. - I've followed their blog for a while now. If you do a search for Thursday Q&A, Elaine Spencer used to answer five questions every Thursday. There's some really good information in there.

3 Seas Literary Agency - You have to dig a little since she doesn't have a blog, but if you google Michelle Grajkowski, you'll find some guest blogging she's done.

BookEnds, LLC - Not only do they rep Angie Fox (who I actually know from RWA), but they maintain a blog as well. Tons of useful information.

Bradford Literary Agency - Her website is very informative. She takes email queries, but I'm guessing she prefers snail mail ones from her site (she lets you send more snail mail than email).

FinePrint Literary Management - Colleen Lindsay has a blog and what can I say she has a cat who has a wubby. She has hilarious political satire links. Oh, and she references "Holy Grail" in her submission guidelines.

Donald Maass Literary Agency - I've read his books and read Jennifer Jackson's blog. I'd write more, but...

If I don't get back to writing on my novel, the kids will be home before I know it. So I'll continue this post another time.

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Kristi said...

I haven't looked him up on RWA, but also check out Scott Eagan. he blogs:


Reps romance including the Harlequin category lines. I have a list of a few more that might be "bigger name" agents (I was looking up favorite authors--the multi-published NYT bestseller kind...but not necessarily in paranormal), but it's at home on my laptop.