Monday, September 29, 2008

Everyone Take a Deep Breath

Now repeat after me. Synopsis. There doesn't that feel better. That's what I'm gearing up for, so I thought I'd share a few articles and weblinkies.

The first is a weblink-o-rama http://www.charlottedillon.com/synopsis.html - Not only does she have links to articles, but links to actual synopsis(es?) that resulted in a sale.

The link I'm having the most fun with right now is http://www.bethanderson-hotclue.com/workshops/writing-the-tight-synopsis/

Now I've taken a class on synopsis writing and the archive can be bought at this link: http://www.accessromance.com/classes/

If or when, depending on the day, I sell and after it's been published for a few months I will gladly post my synopsis and query letter, but not until that day. :) So take a look see, and let me know what you find in books or on the blogosphere that would help with this daunting task.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


After taking a brief vacation from writing to clean my house, I'm back to editing Fallen. I've posted the updated word count and the page word count (250 words per page). Both are slowly creeping up, which is awesome. I'm filling out scenes, adding more detail. I'm not really changing anything major yet, but I'm certain when I get toward the end I'm have some things to change. Once I get done editing (currently on Ch 5 and p 70), I'll be writing query letter and synopsis. Which will be an exciting experience, I hope to share with all you. And then the rejections...sigh. But hopefully not all rejections.

I'm splitting my writing time right now, between critiquing and writing. That's the one thing I've found to be truly helpful. It's hard to find what's wrong with your own work, but other people's work, it seems to stand out. I'm waiting to post more of mine until I get a chance to finish and start my queries. So what's everyone else up to?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finished, Sort of

I completed Fallen the other day. Meaning I finished the 2nd 1st draft. The first 1st draft was a disaster so I did an almost complete rewrite. So my rewrite is finished but it's still my first draft. So I'm going back through and editing. Well, more like adding in details and filling out scenes. Since the 1st chapter has been fine tooth combed. I'm working on Ch 2. Which I'm hoping to read at my local RWA's critique group. But it will definitely be slow going.

But yeah, me. I finished my second novel. Of course I'm not completely satisfied with the ending. But that's what edits are for. I'm going to work on edits before starting my next project. As well as write a synopsis and query letter. Fallen is entered into two contests right now, but I won't hear anything for a while on those. So, I'm starting with agents. I'm completely at a loss as to how to go about making a list of agents I want to submit to. But like all things I'll figure it out or ask someone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just When You Know Where You Are

So I'm real close to finishing Fallen, but I'm caught. I'm not sure where to go next or how to end the poor thing. I've got one more loose thread to weave in and I'm done. However, remember that list I gave about which one I'm going to work on next. I can't remember what the heck I was doing, but an idea sparked and like a run away freight train. I've written 870 words on the beginning which still needs more work, but gets me started. It's an unusual story like Fallen, but I need to work out the conflict still. I know most of the conflict, but it needs to be plotted like all of my ideas.

Unless I seriously kick myself in the .... butt, I'm not going to get to most of the ideas in my idea file. I don't think I have a long enough life time. Regardless, finishing Fallen is my main priority. Everyone else, including the yet to be named heroine and her cop, Mike, will have to wait their turn.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Let's See How We're Doing

Back on December 31st I wrote the following:

"Usually I evaluate my life when I get to February (b-day), but this year I think I'll post my goals for the year for my writing career.
1. Revise "Dragon's Heart"
2. Finish and revise "Fallen"
3. Work on the following ideas:
What Would ***** Do?
Unnamed Story - Jen & Drake
My Own Backyard
4. Enter two contests, Golden Hearts and one tbd
5. Submit finished MS to at least 5 agents
6. During week, write at least 1800 words a day
7. Enter NaNoWriMo because my life isn't insane enough"

So let's see how I've done. 1&2 I'm currently working on. Yeah, until 2 is finished I'm not doing anything with 3. On number 4, I've entered the Fire & Ice Contest (3rd Place), Finally a Bride, Gateway (both Fallen & Dragon's Heart), and still intend to get Golden Hearts if nothing pops up before then. I need to finish a MS to submit it for #5. Umm, well I'm getting better on writing daily. Definitely plan on entering NaNo.

Monday, September 08, 2008

There Comes a Time

There comes a time in every writer's life where they must ask the question: What am I going to write for NaNoWriMo? Yeah, it's only 2 months away which leaves plenty of time to plot my little heart out. So I have to decide which one of the multitude of ideas I have to write.

Here's what I'm deciding between:

Forsaken - a single title novel which follows in the world of Fallen
A paranormal set in Highlow Hall (probably with ghosts)
What would ***** do? - time travel paranormal
Jen & Drake's story - time travel paranormal

If I really got to looking through my ideas I'm sure more would pop their hands up while others are content to just wait their turn. Forsaken has been whispering to me, every now and then. I'd love to do the Highlow Hall, just because I've been there. So hmmm. I have almost two months to get ready and finish my WIP and revisions.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Besides dusting off the cobwebs and assorted specks of dirt from Dragon's Heart, I've spent the evening revising the first two chapters. I know the poor thing was happy to hide out under my bed and scare off the boogey man, but when I can at least get some feedback on it for $10, why not? See I'm entering Fallen into the Gateway to the Best contest and since the second entry is half off . . . Well, I'm not one to back away from a sale.

Dragon's Heart. The premise is sound. It's a little kitch at some points, but it does sparkle around the edges. Besides Jack, the hero, truly does it for me. I love his attitude and well, he's just yummy. Based roughly on this picture of James McAvoy.

Umm, yeah, did I say yummy. :) So while I dust off James, I mean Jack, you can watch the side bar extend past 100%. Hopefully I can fill him, I mean it, out a bit. I'm hoping to add about 10,000 words. Layering, baby, layering.

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Week of Fallen

I'm spent the week working on the ending of Fallen, which had been taking twists and turns that I never saw coming and I'm the author. Not to mention, my TV rating when from PG to R. Well, technically there was brief nudity before so maybe it's always been R. And even before that it would be PG-13 for violence. Hmmm. Oh, well. I'm closing in on the end which at 64K isn't necessarily a good thing, but I know some of the scenes I've written need to be fleshed out. But I'm really excited about closing in on the end. There might be a subplot I can flesh out as well. I've been extremely cheeky these past two days of sprinting. For those I've been sprinting with - Bunnies, man, bunnies.


New words: 8,322 (for week)
Total words: 64,067
Breann: Delighted, dismayed, damaged
Jude: Far from home
Things that got beat up today: 4
Random sampling of text:
“Always so righteous, Jude. Remind me to beat that out of you.” Sammuel finished his cigarette and put it out on the bar. “Araxiel?”

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ouch, That's My Heart

My poor characters. I'm closing in on the final battle and resolution, but first everything has to go to pot, so . . . The sh*t is hitting the fan. I can feel the conflict in this story. It's been feeding on itself these past few chapters. My villian threw me a curve ball that worked nicely to get everyone where they needed to be. Now for the fun part. He thinks she betrayed him and she probably did. She thinks he's evil which is undecided. Throw them in a room, shake for 15 minutes and see what you come up with. Isn't story writing fun?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wanna Laugh?

First off at least start reading this link. Then when you're done spewing coffee all over your computer as some of the previous readers of that forum come back here and discuss.

Manroot aside. What would romance writing phrases would you like to see "voted off the island"?

I'm in complete agreance with a lot of the ewww factor from morning breath to no washing between to tasting herself on his kiss. (If you could see me now, you'd see my look of disgust.) It's good to know that I'm not the only one grossed out by some of the stuff in romances/erotica. But the question becomes if you take away all the cliches what do you have left to write about?

So besides the phrase you could do without, what author does sex scenes right?