Sunday, August 26, 2007

Look At Me Now

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40,058 / 90,000

Friday, August 24, 2007

Why I Procrasinate

Fighting the demon of procrastination is not easy. There are blogs to write, solitaire games to play, TV to watch, house to clean, books to read, e-mails to read, blogs to read, etc. The list goes on and on and on forever on what I'm doing when I should just write. With two children at home this summer and the endless summer touring being done throughout the British Isles, there are tons of things and excuses to not write. So I wait until the kids are in bed to start writing and just get into the story again, when it's time for bed. I'm holding my breath for school to start in a week. I'm hoping to fight off procrastination with a ten foot pole and a firm schedule. I know that I need breaks throughout the day while I write, but there are only 7 hours the kids are at school. I am also expected to keep the house tidy and do the laundry. So I'll spend the next week putting together a schedule and the following week trying to stick to it.

I think part of mastering the demon is allowing myself some time to do the things that are generally my procrastination tools. So I'll try to schedule those in as well. Some of the things will be done when the kids are home like tidying the kitchen and such.

I also realize that I procrastinate when I don't have a plan or an idea for the next scene or I'm worried about the work that I've done. For this I have no good answer, besides trying to outline the next scene or just plug away with writing.

How do you fight your demon of procrastination?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't I Feel Dedicated

I wrote every night we were in Ireland. Go me. Including over 1200 words for my blog at cpamommy.blogspot.com. I rock. Now back to the real world.

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36,985 / 90,000

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Craziness of Life

No words can describe how I felt about having to put down my beloved cat, but at some point I might find them. It did siderail my writing for a time. Though the night I made the decision to put him to sleep I found writing my feelings very theropeutic. I've started to write again.

I'm going back to trying to achieve 1000 words a day. I'm not worrying about catching up quite yet. I know that I gear up slowly, but once I find my writing groove, I'll be writing steadily again. I'm doing something very naughty right now. I'm going through the story which I haven't worked on in a few weeks and rereading and wait for it . . . editing as I go. Only a little. Yes, the story doesn't have an ending yet, but I'm adding a bit to the front end as I go. I'm so ashamed.

I can't press on very well until I can figure out where I've been. I did start writing on the end of the manuscript on Monday, but wanted to go back and read through which is what I did yesterday and will do today. There were some places that I wanted to add a little more or an additional scene and that's all I'm doing. Honest. I'm not reworking the wording already there.

So I can safely post the following marker without too much shame.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
34,025 / 90,000