Friday, October 31, 2008

Ah, I Hear Voices

If you've ever been in a conversation with a writer, you'll slowly wonder if she's actually going insane as she prattles on about the characters that talk to her or interrupt what she's doing. What is it really that goes on in our brains? Well, there are characters and plots roaming around up there. Do we actually hear "voices"? Yes and no. The voices don't tell me to do things or try to control my life. What they are are the characters I've made up revealing themselves to me. They are ideas, conversations, discussions, concepts. They are integral to me actually being able to write. I don't tell the story. My characters do. I don't plot the story. I may have a plan that the characters may or may not choose to do as they reveal their personalities and what makes them special.

Is this the unique voice editors and agents go on about? I think so. Because I have a certain style of writing, but the way it's written is determined by the character whose point of view I'm in. Each character thinks about things differently, expresses him/herself differently. They build the novel not be. I just take dictation from the voices in my head and help them when they get stuck on a word or two. To work on your voice, you have to listen to the characters or in other words walk the story in his/her shoes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sven is Back

70 Days of Sweating is back. Go over and see if this writing challenge is more your speed. 1000 words a day for 70 days.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Contest Found

Greyhaus Agency is having a contest from Oct 1 - Oct 31 for category romance writers. Look here about half way down. Because of my word count and the type of stories I write, they might be a fit for Silhouette Nocturne. I don't have a lot to lose, I have Fallen complete and have ideas for multiple stories along the same line. I would love for Fallen to be a single title, but unless I can figure out or have help in bulking it up. But I would be very satisfied to find it at Harlequin. Sharing with the rest of you who may have ideas for category romances.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I has it! Too much LOLCats. I've made some good progress over the last few weeks and hope to make more tomorrow. I've decided to do NaNo with a Silhouette Desire I plotted out for a class I was taking. But I'm going to keep going on Forsaken as well, which may get complicated. Category romance has a certain voice and the characters won't be in life threatening situations, the emotions will be stronger and the drama will be full force. Now, what a minute, emotions are strong in both stories. Hmmm. Well, they are different. One's about an accountant **grin** and her boss and the other's about Fallen angels and a daemon hunter. Desires are supposed to be between 50-55k according Harlequin's submission guidelines. So here's hoping. I'm using Forsaken as a treat as long as I have my word count caught up for the Desire. Okay, back to work.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogs I Visited Today

http://www.routinesforwriters.com/2008/10/21/nanowrimo-building-an-outline-karen-wiesner/ - linked from my Endurance Writing group - on outlining for NaNo


http://varkat.livejournal.com/ - Article by Marjorie M. Liu on urban fantasy

http://arcaedia.livejournal.com/ - I swear I started this before I visited her blog.

http://bookendslitagency.blogspot.com/ - Interesting article about agents and selling

http://raleva31.livejournal.com/ Nothing new

http://theswivet.blogspot.com/ She makes me laugh and I had to follow her link to http://www.darkfantasy.org/fantasy/?p=1018

http://www.pbackwriter.blogspot.com/ - Reviserable - Another John and Marsha installment

http://www.alisonkent.com/blog/ - Still on Hiatus

http://70daysofsweat.com/wordpress/ Nothing new

http://www.amiestuart.com/blog/ - One of my first crit partners

http://www.naughty-and-spice.com/2008/10/21/an-open-letterto-everyone/ - Amie's post at NAS

http://skimdecafmochawithwhip.blogspot.com/ - Damn everyone has new posts. I'm glad to read them, but when it all happens on one day it's a bit much. I'm not blaming you, Kristi, it's just what blog I was on. Kristi's the best. You should read her blog. :)

Last but not least http://bibliothecariusalpha.blogspot.com/ - Merry, I found through NaNo last year when I lived in Sheffield, England. She lives in Derbyshire (darbysure) which I miss immensely.

Fortunately, I've already done 2700 words today, so I don't feel guilty for looking through blogs. Sometimes I go through a few more. Like, all of the ones listed on the side.

Monday, October 20, 2008

FAB Contest Entries Back

Okay, so three judges and drop the lowest score. 97, 96 and 75. From this I know competition was fierce because those are some pretty good scores. The 75 didn't like the story and thought it might work for erotica, which made me laugh. While the story is filled with sexual tension, there is very little sex. I did try to downplay the first scene which has the heroine making moves on someone that creeps her out. I tried to inject it with this guy is creepy and I'm only doing this to capture him. While it works for some, it didn't for this judge. She made comments on the judging score sheet and was very thorough as to why she marked me down. I know how hard it is to judge a contest and trying to be objective while you really aren't into the story.

Regardless, I did well with two judges and am thrilled to bits. I just hope agents like my writing as well as they did. Everyone's comments are important and I'll be looking at the first chapter with critical eyes particularly the 75 judge's eyes. I'm a bit of a comma less person, which got me docked. Commas are wonderful things, really. I just don't use them as often as I should. Fortunately, I've got a crit partner who is the comma police. Wow, I can't wait to find out what the other people scored. They are sending out a matrix at the end of November.

Need to Know More About An Agency



I'll post about the agencies I've researched too. But these are a couple of good starting points. If you are a member of RWA, they have a listing of agents and what they are looking for as well.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Man, How Depressing

I need to change my music for Forsaken. I just want to cry while I listen to it and we're past that point in the book. Besides that I did excellent yesterday (today). Over 2000 new words, and we're moving forward. I've got two characters who are attracted and won't act on that attraction, so I have to keep pushing and pushing until they are at their wits end. Then I throw a curve ball and the sh*t hits the fan. All bets are off and things get very interesting for all parties involved. And that's only a small curve ball, because when the bowling ball gets thrown at their heads, then things will get nasty fast. I know my character will have to sacrifice something, I just don't know what yet. Ah, the cryptic notes of the writer.


New words: 2,205
Total words: 13,686
Kaitlin: tempted, but not fallen
Caleb: Training
Eli: Watching
What stage of grief we are in: Heading toward Anger
Random sampling of text: “Seriously, am I a hunter or a stripper? Because I can’t wear those . . . those clothes in that closet. I don’t remember who I’ve been for the past few years, but I know I don’t wear that type of stuff.” Her nose wrinkled in distaste.

Friday, October 17, 2008

First Form Rejection

Now I'm truly an author. :)


The results were posted for FAB and I wasn't on them. I'm still waiting to get my scores back and the comments, which I love about contests. Not the waiting, the actual comments. I started back to working on Forsaken yesterday and this morning. It's sprinting day, so I'll be writing all morning until the rugrats come home early from school. I'll have to think of a way to distract them so I can get some more writing done. I'm putting the queries out of my mind for the time being since most sites say 2-4 weeks. I need to dig out the story I was thinking of doing for NaNo and make sure I'm still vested in it. Hmmm. What else? What else? I'm working on crits for my critique partners. Writing my book. Researching the industry. I think that about takes care of it.

Here's a list of agents I've researched so far along with their websites. I have not queried all these agents and don't plan to query some of them, but I'm not telling you which ones. :)

For information regarding agencies from clients and people who have submitted go to Absolute Write. There's a treasure trove of info on that site, but as with any site, take it with a grain of salt. To be honest, I've liked most of the agent websites I found. I narrowed my search by whether they were looking for paranormal (which of course is me) and what type of feel I got for the person. Yeah, yeah, I went with the warm fuzzy feelings.

The Knight Agency, Inc. - I've followed their blog for a while now. If you do a search for Thursday Q&A, Elaine Spencer used to answer five questions every Thursday. There's some really good information in there.

3 Seas Literary Agency - You have to dig a little since she doesn't have a blog, but if you google Michelle Grajkowski, you'll find some guest blogging she's done.

BookEnds, LLC - Not only do they rep Angie Fox (who I actually know from RWA), but they maintain a blog as well. Tons of useful information.

Bradford Literary Agency - Her website is very informative. She takes email queries, but I'm guessing she prefers snail mail ones from her site (she lets you send more snail mail than email).

FinePrint Literary Management - Colleen Lindsay has a blog and what can I say she has a cat who has a wubby. She has hilarious political satire links. Oh, and she references "Holy Grail" in her submission guidelines.

Donald Maass Literary Agency - I've read his books and read Jennifer Jackson's blog. I'd write more, but...

If I don't get back to writing on my novel, the kids will be home before I know it. So I'll continue this post another time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waiting Game

Today they are supposed to contact the finalists in the FAB (Finally a Bride) contest. So while every wrong number and junk e-mail has been making my heart race, I decided to send queries, which made me queasy. No one likes rejection. I'm not going to cry at being rejected. I don't get upset when people critique my work. I invite second and third and fourth opinions. They do help. But each time I send out a query, I double check to make sure everything is right. As I press the send button, I want to squeeze my eyes shut and flinch away from the computer. Of course, my e-mail likes to make sure I want to send the message which makes me question myself for another minute before pressing go.

I know that Fallen is ready. I'm taking one more go through it tonight. I feel a lot more confident in it than my first attempt novel, Dragon's Heart. I still love Dragon's Heart and Jack. I've noticed a theme of grief in my novels which I think after Forsaken is done I'll need to pull away from for a while. Maybe I'll go for something a little more playful next time. Some of the Angel series are a little lighter and there are a few time travels that should be fun to write. Okay, I feel better now. I closed my e-mail program and will be leaving the house shortly. Of course, I'll be frantically checking e-mail and voicemail when I get home, but until then I should have a little peace.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busy, busy

I'm working on revisions to Fallen so I'm holding off on Forbidden for a little. Things are going well. I'm feeling much better than last week, but still have a bit of a cold. I did write last week but didn't post any new numbers. I can't emphasize the importance of critique partners enough. Mine just got back to me with some really good insight and of course, some really good compliments too. So I'm off to work, work, work.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

No I'm Not Dead

Though with this head cold I feel like I should be. I've been working on the agent hunt. I've used the resources available to me agencyquery.com and agency blogs and websites. I've narrowed it down to six agents for the first run and then when they reject me, I mean fight over me, I'll figure out who to send it to next for the remainder of my list. Do I know who will be the best agent for me? No. Can I tell from a website? No. I guess I just live and learn. Here's the thing I do know. I will not be posting my rejections on this blog except in passing. I know some people have been burnt by that and I don't intend to become one of them. Besides I began this blog to inspire myself. So I won't be listing my six agents or who wants me and who doesn't, but I will let you know if I land one. I'm all about celebrating. Oh, that scene from below. Yeah, it got cut. I think Breann was trying to rear her very nicely shaped head into the picture, but what this book needs is a softer woman.


New words: 866
Total words: 10,247
Kaitlin: confused by her lack of memory
Caleb: A very guilt ridden Fallen Angel
Eli: Still a bit high and mighty Angel
What stage of grief we are in: Heading toward Anger
Random sampling of text:“Do you have a name?”
When he just stared at her, she thought maybe he was hard of hearing or maybe she spoke to fast.
Enunciating, slower and louder, she said, “Do you have a name?”

Friday, October 03, 2008

Writing My Brain's Out


New words: 5,563
Total words: 9,373
Kaitlin: became a hunter
Caleb: Fallen Angel
Eli: Angel
What stage of grief we are in: Heading toward Anger
Random sampling of text: He seemed shocked, but quickly covered it up. “Can I get you anything?”
“You. In my bed.”

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Emotional Drain

A man by any other name. Lamech wasn't working for me, so his new name is Eli. This story is coming at me in technicolor. I've worked out a basic plot, but no scenes. I worked out scenes before Fallen, but this one . . . it feels okay not to have the scenes already. If I get to a point where I can't figure out what goes next or a section goes too fast, I'll rethink my strategy.


New words: 2999
Total words: 3810
Kaitlin: Not a hunter, but is about to receive her calling
Caleb: Fallen Angel
Eli: Angel
What stage of grief we are in: You know that wooden feeling you get, about there
Random sampling of text: Must be a coping mechanism. Without the angels, the gleaming white coffins at the front of the room would be the only thing to focus on. One large, the other small.

Fun, Fiction Rule of Thumb

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A New Start

Someone's been whispering in my ear. Actually two or three someones, but these just happened along at the right time. It's a risk to write this one as it's in the same vein as Fallen and if Fallen isn't marketable, this one won't be either. However, when you're walking around the grocery store and little bits of story are being fed to you, you've got to do what's right. So meet Kaitlin, Caleb, and Lamech. No it's not going to be a three way. I don't do that type of story. :)

So a decision must be made for the extra line. Breann's & Jude's was things that got beat up today. Hannah's and Jack's was number of kisses. I don't know fully how this story is going to play out. So for now we'll try something new.


New words: 811
Total words: 811
Kaitlin: Not a hunter, but is about to receive her calling
Caleb: Fallen Angel
Lamech: Angel
What stage of grief we are in: Denial
Random sampling of text: His words made no sense like he spoke a foreign language. He couldn’t be speaking about Derek. He had the wrong address, surely. She would tell him if only she could get her tongue and mouth to move again.