Monday, August 25, 2008

Loss and Found

Yup that's the way I wanted to spell it. I've dealt with a loss in the family for the past week and have written nothing until today. Today I was able to crank out 2000 words and hopefully can get another 1-2 K before bed time. I have to deal with my house which got away from my husband while I was gone. But with the rugrats home it wasn't like I was going to get to write my Dark Paranormal. So here's to great expectations of the week to come and here's hoping nothing else pops out of the wood work.


New words: 2,017
Total words: 53,116
Breann: Walking a fine line
Jude: Trying to say goodbye
Things that got beat up today: 0 (wait it won't be long)
Random sampling of text: David sat down next to her and held out a Styrofoam cup filled with a black sludge. “The best the hospital has to offer.”
She nodded and gratefully gulped down some of the lukewarm liquid. “Just because you call it coffee doesn’t mean it is.”

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Monday

If you've heard the song from the 60's, it's in your head now. So I'm blogging over at Wicked Wenches today. It would have been better if the internet hadn't ate it the first time around. I'm plugging away on my MS. Obviously not right now, since I'm working on blogs. :) The kids come home in an hour so I need to get some more done today. Speaking of goals (if you read my post on Wicked Wenches you'll understand), I have high hopes to get this WIP done by Sept 1st and edited by Oct 1 and out into rejection land by Nov 1. I do have to make a decision after this ones finished. Do I continue with this world or start something entirely different? The much darker book in the same world keeps saying nice things to me. Like here's a cool idea. Oh and look here. No over here, dummy. Here's another one. But then this other book on a totally different note, keeps popping into my head. And then there's the idea about ghosts. Oh, and the archaeologist. And I can't forget about the ditsy girl. Let's just say I'm not at a loss for ideas.

Friday, August 15, 2008

In the End

I added 856 words and finished reading and started back writing on the scene I'd left off on. The pacing on the last parts is really a fast read for me. I need to go back and add to the scenes that exist, but first things first, finish the damn book. So, we are on a downward spiral to the ultimate black moment. Insert evil laughter here. I plan, once I finish, to do a scene by scene edit. I want to choreograph the fight scenes better. She uses two tricks quite frequently, kneeing in the crouch and stomping on the foot (of course she wears silletto boots :)). I need to finish reading my course work from the class I took, Writing the Kick-Ass Heroine. So that's what I'll be doing during the day. Tomorrow is our local RWA meeting, so yay! I'm glad the kids are back in school.

In the Beginning

After a month off from my MS, I'm going through right now and reading through. This is the second draft of Fallen and since I can't remember what I put in and what I left out, I thought it would be a good idea to go back through. I'm on page 53 of 216. I'm not editting as I go but if something catches my eye I'll correct it. Which is why yesterday I added 218 words to the mix. I'm hoping to do some endurance writing today (sprinting), but first I need to do some speed reading. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blink Blink

[big stretch] Permission is a wonderful thing. I have not written a word (well maybe a few :)) since I gave myself permission to slack off. Personally, my children were driving me crazy and I wasn't feeling well, but things are turning around. I'm working on catching up on the Left Behind and Loving It free workshops from Paperback Writer. I spent a two week vacation up at my parents with the kids and got to read some good and not so good books. One about dinosaur spirits was a good read, I believe the author was Nina Bangs. A historical that I can't remember the name of or the author of, which is probably a good thing because I struggled through it. The backcover copy made no sense compared to the book and everyone was after this girl because she was so beautiful. Seriously I think I threw up a little. My mom gets books from friends and had a stack. So then I tried to get into a Native American historical by that chick that had plagerized. I'm sure you either know about her from other blogs or could google and find her. I made it to maybe chapter 3 before putting the book down and vowing never to return. Then I found a historical by Amanda Quick. Thank you, Jayne Ann Krentz, you saved historicals for me.

Yesterday I found a Julia Quinn book Minx sitting around my house and picked it up to read it. Yeah, another good historical. I quickly searched my TBR pile and didn't find anymore. Sigh. Oh, well, this is all good because my mind is hovering over my WIP waiting for next week when the children go back to school so it can land and start picking the bones. I've thought about adding a prologue. Gasp. They really should make that a four letter word. I don't want to add her becoming what she is as backstory later in the story and I think it will make her more sympathetic if I showed a glimpse of what she was before and what has made her who she is.

How do you handle what made your character the way she/he is? Backstory, internal monologue, dialogue, prologue? An awful lot of logues there, maybe I should just build a tree.