Monday, September 29, 2008

Everyone Take a Deep Breath

Now repeat after me. Synopsis. There doesn't that feel better. That's what I'm gearing up for, so I thought I'd share a few articles and weblinkies.

The first is a weblink-o-rama http://www.charlottedillon.com/synopsis.html - Not only does she have links to articles, but links to actual synopsis(es?) that resulted in a sale.

The link I'm having the most fun with right now is http://www.bethanderson-hotclue.com/workshops/writing-the-tight-synopsis/

Now I've taken a class on synopsis writing and the archive can be bought at this link: http://www.accessromance.com/classes/

If or when, depending on the day, I sell and after it's been published for a few months I will gladly post my synopsis and query letter, but not until that day. :) So take a look see, and let me know what you find in books or on the blogosphere that would help with this daunting task.

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Annie said...

hi here an interesting blog http://queryshark.blogspot.com/
Now it might be wrong thing to post since maybe a query and a synopsis are not the same thing