Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catch A Star Sold to Silhouette Special Edition

I just received edits from my editor. :) And have put my follow up Silhouette Special Edition on hold to get the edits turned around. We're in a whole new ballgame here. Before when someone critiqued my work and didn't like something that I liked I could just dismiss it, now unless I have a really great reason to not change it... It will make a better book. :)

So I'm journeying into the foreign land of deadlines and revisions. It's quite the odd land and I'm not 100% on navigating it. Yeah, I know I changed from baseball to exploring, deal. :) The poor people sitting in the restaurant of my mind are getting ansy. I've been writing like mad lately and still can't seem to get it all out. Must work faster.

As it stands I'm 22,200 out of 55,000 words on my followup. I'm sad to put them aside, but I've always had a soft spot for Chase and Natalie and will be happy to revisit them. I've also accepted representation from Becca Stumpf at the Prospect Agency. So hopefully with a little help, Fallen might see the light of day.

If this is the first you are seeing any of this, please be assured I am super excited, but the initial shock and spastic actions have worn off. Yay! I'm a writer!