Monday, March 30, 2009

Words Are Creeping Up

Yes, I'm adding scenes to Fallen and making it a longer book. Finally! So I'm plugging away at getting the important bits down and then will go through and make a pass through to make sure I'm not repeating myself later and there are a few scenes at the end that I know could use a little more beef. Then back to Beta Readers.

I also want to complete Forsaken this month. Meaning 50K in a month. I do it in November all the time. Except in Nov I have a bunch of folks plugging away beside me. So if anyone is left following this blog (Hi!) and wants to play too, let me know. We'll commisserate.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Forgive Me

Hmmm. Maybe that will be Fallen's new title if I need one. I got Fallen back from a Beta reader (someone who reads your book like a reader not a critiquer) and she made some suggestions I'm going to try. It means revamping the beginning, but it's adding the word count I need and adding depth to the characters. I wrote 2000 words on it today, so I'm slowly but surely raising the word count. I received my scores from the Enchanted Words contest from the final judge and her words were encouraging. So I'll keep pushing forward. Knight Agency is having a contest to pitch your story in 3 sentences so I'll need to work on that at some point as well. Keep writing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

My daughter has been home all day today since she woke me at 1:00am because she was completely clogged up. She's been fairly good and I got some writing in. Not as much as Monday, but 600 words isn't a bad day given the number of days with big fat zeros in them lately. I've found a new distraction. Twitter. While I enjoy it, it is a time suck with all the people I follow, but I enjoy it.

I was able to sprint with people on Monday and today which makes the writing so much easier for me. Major Procrastinator. Which brings us back to twitter. While I've been writing this blog post, twirl (twitter application) has been adding more tweets. Hey, look big distracty thing. I'm going to have to shut off twitter to get anything done.

Unfortunately, some really interesting things pop up on twitter, such as the call for submissions that I sent my MS in on. So I'm learning to scan twitter for tidbits and when I have time, I read through the posts. The allure is they are short, but the fact is that when you have 5 to read it's almost as long as this blog post. (estimated please don't check :))

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Been a While

Wow, I've been negligent about posting. So I've finaled in a contest and I sent a full out as a submission. I've been busy on the business side, but not so much on the writing side. I took on a part time job that's sucking away my writing time, but I have Monday free to go crazy. Which means Forsaken is getting some attention. I left Kaitlin fighting off a daemon in her room and Caleb racing in to save her. I'm not sure where Eli is. Poor characters. To be stuck in a scene must really suck. I must give them my undivided attention on Monday which means *gasp* turning off the internet. I know, I know, my soul will slowly wither and surely die without constantly checking Romance Divas or twitter, but my characters won't get very far if I don't. We'll see how it goes. Smile, the day is just beginning.