Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Let's See How We're Doing

Back on December 31st I wrote the following:

"Usually I evaluate my life when I get to February (b-day), but this year I think I'll post my goals for the year for my writing career.
1. Revise "Dragon's Heart"
2. Finish and revise "Fallen"
3. Work on the following ideas:
What Would ***** Do?
Unnamed Story - Jen & Drake
My Own Backyard
4. Enter two contests, Golden Hearts and one tbd
5. Submit finished MS to at least 5 agents
6. During week, write at least 1800 words a day
7. Enter NaNoWriMo because my life isn't insane enough"

So let's see how I've done. 1&2 I'm currently working on. Yeah, until 2 is finished I'm not doing anything with 3. On number 4, I've entered the Fire & Ice Contest (3rd Place), Finally a Bride, Gateway (both Fallen & Dragon's Heart), and still intend to get Golden Hearts if nothing pops up before then. I need to finish a MS to submit it for #5. Umm, well I'm getting better on writing daily. Definitely plan on entering NaNo.

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Merry said...

Morning, Amanda!
You're really working through your list - huge congrats on getting 3rd place in the Fire & Ice contest btw, that's brilliant.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do for NaNo as I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to the t'internet to upload anything (I'll be in a farmhouse in the wilds of Wales, in a dip, so there's unlikely to be a usable signal. I may be able to get to an internet cafe - but, who knows?)
Good luck with the Golden Hearts - when do you have to submit by?

Take care.