Saturday, September 06, 2008


Besides dusting off the cobwebs and assorted specks of dirt from Dragon's Heart, I've spent the evening revising the first two chapters. I know the poor thing was happy to hide out under my bed and scare off the boogey man, but when I can at least get some feedback on it for $10, why not? See I'm entering Fallen into the Gateway to the Best contest and since the second entry is half off . . . Well, I'm not one to back away from a sale.

Dragon's Heart. The premise is sound. It's a little kitch at some points, but it does sparkle around the edges. Besides Jack, the hero, truly does it for me. I love his attitude and well, he's just yummy. Based roughly on this picture of James McAvoy.

Umm, yeah, did I say yummy. :) So while I dust off James, I mean Jack, you can watch the side bar extend past 100%. Hopefully I can fill him, I mean it, out a bit. I'm hoping to add about 10,000 words. Layering, baby, layering.

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