Sunday, November 18, 2007

Still Behind

It's hard to believe that November is almost over. I'm still behind but I'm hopeful. I managed to get somewhat caught up last week. I have high hopes for the week ahead. Plotwise things are moving smoothly. I'm contemplating my heroine's motivation for the next scene in how she'll react to the hero's question. That's where my handy dandy notebook comes in handy. I jot when I brainstorm. It's hard to jot coherently in Word so I need a notebook on standby for when that happens. I'm on notecard 14 out of 40 so I definitely have enough story to make it past 50,000. It's just getting the words to continue to come forward and the characters to mildly behave. We don't have much time for them to screw around more with the plot. We're officially on the night of Day 3 when we should have been on Day 2. We have 7 days total to get everything accomplished and I had them ending on Day 5 so they have a little leeway. Don't worry my actual writing isn't all run-on sentences. :) Hope everyone else is whipping their characters into shape. Hmmm, whips.

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