Monday, November 05, 2007


I get going writing and then I'll run into something I want to look up. This morning it was Harleys. See my heroine has one and I had to go to the Harley website because I didn't want to call it a hawg and get in all sorts of trouble. So I found a cool Sportster only to realize it has only one seat unless that thing on the back is the b*tch seat. I couldn't see my hero riding shotgun on a Sportster so I kept looking. I found a very cool motorcycle and described it in my story and then moved on. Stopped did some sorting of laundry, took a shower. Now I'm sitting back down to write. My hero and heroine are having coffee late at night. I think Hmmm, what's open in St. Louis late for coffee. So here I am back on the Internet looking for coffee shops and closing times. Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy with the exception of my arch nemesis, the washer/dryer.

Oh, can't forget had to go grocery shopping. There's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back.


Kristi said...

Most Starbucks are open late-night. Don't know if any are 24-hour around here, but there are certainly 24-hour Starbucks around (my sis manages one in Indy). Kaldi's was open late, but I don't think overnight, so depends on your definition of "late". Bread Co's have good coffee, but I think most close by 9ish in the evenings. Otherwise, there's always Dennys or Ihop. I think the independent coffee shop in the CWE (Maryland & Euclid) is gone, replaced by Starbucks. I'm beginning to see a potential business opportunity for someone here...

Merry said...

Way to go on your word count Amanda! You're doing great adn it sounds as though you've got a really good momentum going there.

Interruptions always come at the wrong moment, as well, don't they? (By the way, for the shopping, you could always try Tesco/ Sainsburys/ Whatever online and get them to deliver. That may be easier/ quicker and give you more time at the keyboard.