Thursday, November 08, 2007


I mean Catch up. That's what I'll be doing for the next few days. On writing. On cleaning. On laundry. This is what happens when a cold knocks you down and trods all over you for a day or two. I did manage to add some today. I'll keep trying before bed, but I also am taking a class from Earthly Charms which I need to catch up on. Meanwhile my characters have reached the muddle and I've got cards as a roadmap, but I'm thinking of making a left at Alberkerky instead of a right. After all it always worked for Bugs Bunny. I need to let them talk to me a little more. I think about them all the time, but they never lead me further down the rabbit hole. Currently I'm 2,297 off of my NaNo goal today. This includes the nothingness that was yesterday. I have a big pile of tissues but not 1,667 words. Sigh. Back to work. What really nasty thing can I do to my characters? Hmmm. A puppy? Not dark enough. A demonic puppy? Why is it that puppy stays cute?

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Merry said...

Poor you! Stay wrapped up and snug indoors.
I suppose the demonic puppy could threaten to drool them to death!

Have a nice toddy 'n' get well soon!