Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Emotional Let Down

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but after a truly trying or emotional scene, I feel drained. I avoided writing this scene for the majority of the day. It just wasn't coming to me. I sat down about an hour again and banged out 1400 words. I feel very much like my heroine at this point. Hollowed out. Numb to the world around her and just wanting to cling to the one good thing that's in her life right now. Her hero. Of course, if I could cling to her hero, I totally would. One of the things I love about writing romances is the emotional roller coaster. The love, the betrayal, the sadness, the happiness. All written on the page. Now I'm going to bed and forgetting about these two creatures I've created until tomorrow when they'll run carefree (not precisely) through my brain and onto the page.


Ella Drake said...

Well, emotionally down could be a good thing, lets you know you're connecting with the characters and your readers will, too. Good luck with Sven and Nano.

Elle said...

I definitely walk away from those scenes with crispy gray matter. It's taxing physically and emotionally, but WOW does it make for great writing!