Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Emotionally Heavy

When I revise my NaNo book I'm definitely going to work on the emotional weight. By that I mean, a lot of the scenes are drag you through hell and back type scenes. There are a few light hearted scenes but I don't know if they are too far between. I'm a cliche type person so I can't see the forest through the trees right now. Also, I'm in draft mood. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. I did make a scene that I know will have to be heavily edited. I was having a little too much fun and did one of actually Kristi's suggestions to keep the plot moving. It doesn't fit with the rest of the book.

I just finished one of the books climatic scenes. Minds out of the gutters, I'm not that kind of writer. Well...I am....a little, but not right now. This book has more fight scenes than love scenes. Now it's all about picking up the pieces. Ah, the black moment. Gotta love tormenting your poor characters. Let's see if I can get these two crazy kids back together.

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Merry said...

Well done with the wordcount Amanda, you're nearly there! Will soon see a purple winner! icon on NaNo for you! Good luck with overcoming your characters dark moment.