Monday, February 25, 2008

What Makes a Great Kiss?

I'll admit I'm no expert when it comes to kissing. I've kissed a total of 7 guys plus 4 that weren't really kisses. But I guess it's not the quantity but the quality. I think Jane Austen had it easy. She just had to write about love and not kissing. It's not that I mind writing kissing scenes. It's trying to convey what a kiss means. Technique is one thing. But when you write a kiss, it's almost like you accent the feelings with the technique. I haven't tried to do a google search on writing kissing. I'm almost scared to see what will show up. The thing is how do you describe the perfect kiss. How do you get the feelings that go behind that kiss? The anticipation? The overwhelming stuff that goes into kissing? Especially that first kiss with someone special. Most of my ideas are new couples meeting and kissing for the first time. The short piece I'm working on now is about past lovers reuniting. How much easier is it to fall into a kiss when you already know it's going to be the stuff dreams are made of?

How do you do it? How do you create that escalation of "Hi, how ya doin" to "oh, my God. whata man"?

Yup, I checked out Google search. Here's a couple humorous ones:


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