Friday, February 01, 2008

Progress Made

My plot ended up in a Word outline format and with a little over 50 scenes. I'll try to come up with more if I get the chance. Today I started Fast Draft with a goal of about 20 pages. I haven't gotten there yet but there's still time tonight. I'm sitting at 18 pages (umm, I love the fact that I'm doing some scenes that are similar just a little different). Taking a cue from Elle I'm posting the following:

New words: 3,731
Total words: 9,911
Breann: Would like to get freaky with Jude
Jude: Trying to get Breann to think of other things
Things that got beat up today: Three
Research topics: Angels
Random sampling of text: “Where’s the pamphlet?”
“What pamphlet?”
“The one that says Jesus saves in big black letters and contains all I never wanted to ask, but you’re still going to tell me anyway, about whatever freaky deaky church you’re trying to pander off on me.”

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Anonymous said...

That's funny :) Love the sarcasm.

Great job on your first day, Amanda!