Monday, February 18, 2008

No Lassie Needed

I didn't fall down a well, though I may have felt that way. My kids were home last week on midterm and I just can't concentrate on writing with them around. I know others do and I probably should quit my crying and just do it. But I didn't. I did keep up with the class that I'm taking and made some good headway on the idea for the class. I spent the morning baking cookies and cleaning the kitchen. Some things do need to be done now as we are five weeks from heading back to the states. (Yes, the cookies needed to be done. Peanut Butter Cookies a rarity in England. Besides my car broke down last week and I'm still dealing. Cookies, good.) Stress does me no good either. Physically, mentally. I do plan on writing tomorrow. I want to finish Beloved before returning to Fallen.

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Cynthia said...

What is this madness you speak of, no peanut butter cookies? How can a civilized country not know the joys of peanut butter cookies? And here I thought England was such a wonderful place.