Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Know What I'll Be Doing Tomorrow

Beloved(working title)

New words: 679
New pages: 3 out of 35
Total words: 7711
Emily: Falling against her will
James: Protective
# of Kisses: 1 intense kiss so far (stopped in scene)
Listened to while writing: Shipwrecked by Shane Alexander (If you've seen Bones you need this song)
Random sampling of text: The moment hung there, a breath separating their kiss. A moment for her to back away. A moment for her to change her mind. A moment not needed. She needed James. She wanted him. She’d never stopped loving him or mourning him. To have him again had seemed too much to hope. The last bits of her resolve to remain distanced slipped away.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, niiiiiice, Amanda! Great sampling of the text :)

Totally heading to iTunes to find Shipwrecked. I <3 Bones so much! I have the theme song by the Crystal Method, but I can always use more.

Happy Writing!