Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm torn. I've need to revisit Fallen and finish that. I'm half way through my short for Nocturne Bites and I definitely want to complete that, revise and submit. I've been taking a course on writing Silhouette Desires, so I've been dalying with that one. I was on pubrant yesterday and after reading what they weren't looking for in paranormal an idea hit, so I wrote it down and now it's on my mind. So I have 2 WIPs and 2 ideas/plots roaming through my head. And my idea folder has 52 files all representing a single idea for a story. Idea generation is not something I need to research. Fast writing is. Fast revising is. Fast selling is. I think it's time to write a schedule and stick to it after I run to the bank and the grocery store and clean the kitchen, dining room, living room and shampoo the carpets and pack because I have four weeks before I'm going home and [See blog title above].


Anonymous said...

Eeeek! Hang in there, Amanda! You are so lucky to have so many things on your plate right now, but it sounds like you need an army Amanda-bots to get them all done for you ;) If it were me--and I say this being an instant-gratification kind of girl--I'd knock out the smaller stories first to get those circulating, and while they're out, finish Fallen. I'm really tempted to explore a story I'd started several months ago for the Bites line.

Take care and let us know how everything goes!

Sandie Hudson said...

Amamda it is nice to know I'm not the only one with soooo much going on at once. I still haven't edited my NaNo project, have 4 other WIP's, two of which are well under way I might add. Then I go and start something new for my first WRW-BIAW. Yep AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog with your advice I really appriciate it.

Hang in there I'm sure things will fall into place as they need too. Have a great weekend.

Merry said...

That's the problem with ideas! (a) you never get just one at a time, and (b) when you get a new idea, they always want to be the most important. 'Stop writing that one. I'm telling a story!' heh heh heh

Scheduling-wise, I did get a good spreadsheet off the Writing Tips Google group, I think from Donna Caubarreaux' website...found the link (I broke it in half to make sure it fit in the comments window).

This has helped me plan things out and block in how long I've got to work on a particular project/ which ones will have to be done side by side. Otherwise, one of those big annual wall planners would work.
Good luck with your projects. With all of those and getting ready to move you'll need an extra pair of hands, at least!