Tuesday, October 30, 2007

36 Cards

Talk about sweating. I think I have my characters, research and plot ready for action in two days. These characters have been driving me crazy. I want to write them down. I know there's no prewriting allowed for NaNo, but when I plot I hear dialogue. So there's a bit of dialogue on my cards. I'd like to plot at least 10 more scenes, but have to think about what I can add. I'm thinking about going back and figuring out what I need each character to do to achieve their change. This is all a little hard with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse going on in the background along with two kids yelling at the screen or their toys. But I'll see what I can get accomplished.


Merry said...

It sounds as though you're doing really well Amanda (especially with all of the background noise!)

I also tend to add snippets of dialogue to my notes - partly because I think something just sounded really good (even though in hindsight it wasn't, necessarily), and partly because a sentence can be used to encapsulate what that character was thinking/ feeling so I know how to extrapolate all of it in the write up.
Less than 2 days to go!

Cynthia said...

Looks like you're up and ready for tomorrow (yikes). I will, once the Nano site gets back up to 100%, add you as a buddy. The search function, at least for me, has been down all week.

I realized this morning that part of why I'm not as excited about this, is that I'm using an old story that I want to rewrite from page one. So I haven't had to think about character or outline (I've outlined too much).

Well, I'm going to see if I can put in a couple hours on Sven before the kids invade the neighborhood. Once that's all settled down tonight I'll get my materials for Nano out and get ready for the morning.