Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Draft Finished

I hope to increase the word count with revisions but as it stands Dragon's Heart is 73,273 words. Standard single title length is at least 90,000, but Silhouette Nocturne's guidelines are 70,000-75,000. So even if I don't length it, it falls in Silhouette's guidelines. Yeah.

For the next week, I'll be plotting and researching for Fallen, so I'll be ready Nov 1st for NaNo.

Then I'll go back to Dragon's Heart for revisions. I do need to make a plan of attack on revisions. I've read quite a few things on it and need to figure out which will work best for me.

Thanks to all the Sven supporters out there. I appreciate all comments.


AJ O'Donovan said...

Hey amanda, thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday, it was much appreciated. I'm glad you still read it (as i read yours)

good luck with today and well done on getting your Ms finished!!

About me said...

congrat on finishing your first draft!

Cole said...

Hi Amanda! You posted just before me on Sven and I thought to stop by and say hello. :-) Sounds like you are making fabulous progress on your projects! YAY!

Have fun writing today!


Mel said...

Good luck on the revisions.

Merry said...

Congratulations on finishing your draft! I hope the research for the second book wasn't too dry - sometimes, the writers/ academics are brilliant regarding their subject, but have difficulty putting the enthusiasm they feel onto the page. Hopefully, it wasn't that bad. :o)

Krista said...

Wow! Way to go on completing the first draft. That's fabulous. So much so that I am slightly envious. :-)