Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Makes an Idea?

I had two pop into my mind this morning. One will I was driving home from Walgreens and another while I was reading someone's response to the Duel's that happen on Romance Divas. Both were for women who needed rescuing. I am not always sure where my head is going when I start imagining this stuff and it gets clearer on paper (computer screen). At first when I started to write I was afraid I wouldn't find any ideas that were new or original, but then I'd read something or see something and there it was, a bright shiny new idea. They're brief and just a beginning. When I pick an idea to work on, it morphs from the original thought to a cohesive plot. How? Well, I'm not exactly sure. What I am sure of is that I shouldn't write blog posts while listening to "Lucy in the Sky". It's a very trippy song and makes my mind go all wonky, but I love it. So there you have it, a weird post brought to you from the brain of someone who's pushing herself to the 50K finish line of NaNo. I swear I'll make more sense one of these days.


Annie said...

Ideas, for me, seem to come when I'm really working on my story. They're like "hi you're doing so good on this one story but I'm (the new idea) better. Come write on me!" lol I have two ideas boiling in the back of my mind now. lol I have to tell them I'm working and I'll get back to them later.

Sandie Hudson said...

Ideas hit me when I least expect them, which is the way with all writers. LOL. I make sure I have note pads with me all the tie now.

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