Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

I've been able to steal a few moments to write, but won't be able to finish until Friday probably. Sigh. I went to Borders yesterday and bought a few new books. Okay 7 new books. I got Eats, Shots, and Leaves which hopefully will help me with my comma denial problems. I got a book on Diseases which should be fun. (Only a writer thinks deadly diseases are fun. Obviously that statement isn't true, but it feels like it.) The other non-fic book is on Time/Space. It was the least technical one in the physics section, so we'll see how I can get through it. Then I bought 2 historicals and 2 paranormal romances (one of which is a time travelish). So at some point I need to allow myself the time to read these books, revise Fallen (which there was a book called Fallen in the romance section), and plot these wonderful new ideas that have emerged from my brain. NaNo is going well. I'm almost done with it and then will need to revise it as well as Fallen. I want to finish and submit both of the stories by the end of the year. Here's hoping.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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