Thursday, November 13, 2008

Avoidance and the Love Scene

Yesterday I barely added to my MS in the 3 hours I had to write. Why, you ask? I'd gotten to that point in the story. Everybody has a point that they have difficulty writing. Mine is the love scene. I over think every word I'm putting down which would be awesome during revision, but for first draft . . . well, I should just get on with it. I know I can layer in after, but man . . . So why write them? A lot of romances gloss over the love scene or "close the door" on it. But that's not what I like to read. I'm okay with sexual tension, but when it comes to doing the duty . . .

I made a playlist, then I repeated one song over and over. I added a few words, checked my email, wrote a few more words, checked my email, changed songs, checked my email. I don't get enough email to be checking it this much. This morning I turned off Yahoo and Messenger. I closed out of my email. I picked one song and I forced myself to write the damn scene. After 500 excruciatingly painful words, it's done. We are now in post bliss. Where the weight of what the characters have done will come crashing down around them. Well, maybe we'll wait until morning for that to happen. :) The fall out I can write, the leading up to moment I can write, the actual moment . . . well, at some point I'll feel comfortable writing it and maybe it will take me less than a day and a half to actually write the darned thing.


Cynthia said...

Wow, your day yesterday sounded a lot like mine, minus the word count. I virtually everything but write.

I'm with you too on the sex scenes, I have to seriously unplug to write them. I love them, when I'm done. Of course that's what I have on my agenda today. I have three of them I wrote passed and since I'm too tired to think of new scenes, I'm probably going to write sex.

Amanda said...

For some reason, I have to write in order. Everything I write develops the characters more and I can't write the next scene until they reveal themselves in the previous scene. But now I should get back in the flow of things. I wish I could just write [sex scene here] and move on, but it's a wall and I have to scale it to keep going.

Kristi said...

Maybe you need a different playlist:

Me So Horny
I'm Too Sexy
Milkshake (My milkshake brings the boys to the yard)
I'll Make Love to You
I Like Big Butts and I cannot Lie..
Your Body is a Wonderland

You know, to get you in the spirit

>:) (yes, that's my evil smiley)

Amanda said...

Oh, I've got some good ones for those kinds of love scenes, but this was more slow and tender.