Friday, April 11, 2008

Long Day

Didn't get much done, more hope for the weekend. But I did write which is the important thing. It's really hard to get back on the horse once you've fallen off. And now, your daily numbers:


New words: 608
Total words: 27,638
Breann: Not ready to do what she wants to do
Jude: Watching her back
Things that got beat up today: 3 and a half (Not sure if Jude got beaten up or not)
Random sampling of text: “We could stand here and talk each other to death or I could just kill you quickly.” Uvall walked toward her.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I keep getting distracted by His Royal Hotness in the post below *EG*

Great progress with Fallen, Amanda!I'm totally digging your ass-kicking scores, by the way. Hope you have a productive weekend :)

Merry said...

Hope your weekend was as productive as you'd hoped, Amanda!

Have you settled in now/ got completely unpacked, etc.? :oD