Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fallen Update

Okay, I'm going to have to start every post with a picture of Seeley Booth, because I blush everytime I see him.


New words: 3,687
Total words: 25,433
Breann: Ready to kill something
Jude: Confused as all get out
Things that got beat up today: each other twice.
Random sampling of text: (I actually cut the piece of text I put in yesterday, I'm saving it for later in the story) Before he could retaliate, she smacked the blade to the side and closed in on him. She leapt up at him causing him to drop the sword and catch her as she took him backwards. His back slammed into the wall as her mouth crashed down on his.

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Elle said...

Eep! You do that, and my poor keyboard is going to be ruined from me drooling on it! Not that I'm complaining...

KILLER job on the wordcount today! Fighting and kissing go so well together, don't they? Nice!