Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am Writing I Swear

I'm not just looking at pictures of Seeley Booth. This one only took me a minute to find. I wrote some yesterday and let the big distracty thing (The Sims II) distract me. It's not on this computer, but on our main one. I tried to do the egg timer thing but I failed. Anyway, during Yoga last night (first time, ouch), while we were supposed to be meditating, I realized that the part that was supposed to happen and didn't in the scene that I wrote yesterday makes more sense later on. How's that sentence for ya? Tonight is climbing night for the husband so after the kids go to bed I'm writing. What about you? Any revelations? Any writing?


Cynthia said...

Tonight really should be a writing night, especially since I did nadda last night.

Today's been filled with a quickie sewing project. Wanted to sew, am avoiding a larger project, and wanted to test out a pattern. But I'll have this wonderful cheery little something at the end of it so it's all good.

At the very least, if I don't write I'll curl up with my latest Netflix . . . oh wait, tonight's the results show for Dancing With the Stars, never mind.

Oh and while I'm rambling in your comments I got a question for you. Sims ever help you plot or is it just a wonderful time suck?

Amanda said...

The Sims are time suckage galore. As my husband says it's an electronic dollhouse. I get to furnish the house and then clothe my dolls and then make them interact. Before you realize it hours have passed and all you did was sit and make your dolls do stuff. I can't see getting any ideas for novels from them, but I'm sure someone out there has. My ideas are generated from random stuff in my life so maybe at some point the Sims did spark something or will in the future.

Cynthia said...

I've often wondered if you could re-create your hero and heroine in Sims and let them interact. But then again, I've never played (obviously) and have never seen it played so I wasn't sure if that was even a possibility.

But the dollhouse analogy is an interesting one. Perhaps that's why I've never gotten into it, never much a doll girl.

Anonymous said...

How lucky am I? I have Seeley Booth on the TV...and I have him looking ferosh as ever on your blog :)

Today I got quite a bit done, not nearly as stellar as two days ago, but definitely some good revelations. I'm watching Bones on my DVR for some inspiration, then I'm getting back to work.

I know for a fact that I would let my house, my education, and everything else fall to HELL if I got involved with Sims, World of Warcraft, or anything uber fun like that. I love the dollhouse analogy too. How many women in their adult years can get away with having a dollhouse and not be labeled bona fide certifiable? I get it :)

Kristi said...

I could have gotten a lot of writing done yesterday. Trystan was home sick with an ear infection. He actually took two good naps, but I squandered the first one starting dinner in the crockpot, and I thought the second one would be short, as the first 20 minutes of it were in the car on the way home from the dr's office. So I read instead, prepared to jump at the first sqeal. 2.5 hours later I was nearly done with my book, and actually had to wake him to go pick up Char and schlep her to dance class. Stinker then took over an hour to go to sleep (he generally requires about 10 minutes, including diapers, jammies, and tooth brushing), so I was too tired to think. Instead, I finished the book I was reading. Maybe both kiddos will be good tonight and I can write before bed (or at least till hubby comes home from d&d and actually wants to *gasp* talk to me!) :)

Amanda said...

Want me to tell your hubby to not talk to you. :)