Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Playing Along (Sort of)

I've been tagged by bloggingexperiments. So the deal is to list 7 random things about myself. I thought, where's the fun in that? Since I'm working on revisions, I'll give you 7 random things about Breann, which will make me work harder.

1. Loved to wear pink underwear when she was a teenager.
2. Now, wears plain cotton bikini briefs under her leather pants.
3. Doesn't have time for pets, especially when she has to go out and capture daemons all night.
4. Her comfort food is pizza, sausage and mushroom.
5. Got her bachelor's in fine art with an emphasis in photography.
6. Keeps a pair of fuzzy slippers under her bed.
7. Loved the movie Some Kind of Wonderful and had a crush on Eric Stolz. (You know you all did, too)

My job here is done. If you feel like playing along, leave a comment and I'll tag you and link to your blog. You can do either 7 random things about yourself or one of your characters.


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea Amanda! If I get tagged again, I might just steal it. Have fun. :)

Kristi said...

Under leather, you'd expect a thong. Not that I personally find them comfortable (or even bearable), but leather and panty lines? You sure about that?

Of course, that could be the whole point with her. She looks tough on the outside, but inside she's just a hanes her way kind of gal


Betty said...

Hello There,
Was sent over by Blogging experiments, from her current post. This was a neat idea. Glad you had fun with it. Why not a red or black leather thong. lol!


Kat Harris said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm another one of the tagged.

Some Kind of Wonderful!?!


I always imagined the MC in my mss to look exactly like Lea Thompson in that movie.

Wow. Cool.

I'll be back to read more later!

Anonymous said...

That was a very cool switch around. Liked the list!