Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Because I Couldn't Resist Sharing

Sorry, not James McAvoy this time. In researching for writing Sci Fi, I came across an article that I think speaks to all writing. It describes the Pitfalls of writing by Vonda N. McIntyre. Even if you don't write Sci Fi, these apply to all writing.

I'm working on revisions on Fallen (which may get a name change due to books being out with the same title ). It's going rather slow, but hopefully I'll be through this round of revisions before the new year. Other ideas and side projects are happening, but are being kept under lock and chain until I can finish this one. I'm thinking of opening a new restaurant for another set of characters. I don't think they'll mesh well with the romantic restaurant I have going. It is rather strange to have to brainstorm for ideas, usually they just drop out of no where on me. I'm extending myself and trying to figure out what I can do. And if any of that made sense to anyone else but me, I'd be amazed.

So in case you missed the imbedded link here: http://www.vondanmcintyre.com/Pitfalls.html

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Annie said...

oh i understand perfectly. just don't ask me to explain what you mean, its one of those things only writers understand but can't seem to put down in the right words. lol