Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm Sorry But the Restaurant is Full

The characters rattling around in my brain are growing exponentially. See I've had three new ideas recently. So I've got two women plus three sisters (a series), trotting around up there. Thank goodness I haven't figured out men for them yet. Then there are my old faithfuls, Breann and Jude from FALLEN, still waiting patiently for me to finish the category with Natalie and Chase. Sitting in the far corner are Kaitlin and Caleb. They aren't trying to get my attention at all right now, but they are sitting there, waiting. Then there is Mike and Phoebe who are feeding me bits and pieces of their story. They are very polite about it and don't mind waiting. And then to top it off are Alec and Lacy who had been waiting in line and when I was challenged on Romance Divas, they slipped in. Of course, they don't sit at the same table and tend to glower at each other, but they are there. So I've got a packed dining area right now. Sure some of these characters will slip back out to wait in line again and hopefully, I can see some of these characters through dessert(revisions) and out the door. Sure they might visit for a drink sometime, but they won't have to wait anymore. So I'm sorry any new ideas that may try to make a break for it, but I just don't have time for you now. So if you'd like to take a menu and wait in the bar, we should be able to seat you some time next year.


Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds like you have a full house. Here's hoping they wait patiently for their turn, would hate for you to have to add a bouncer into that mix.

Annie said...

lol I love the last line! well the whole thing..

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your NaNo WIN!!! And good luck with those head-trotting characters. I can't wait to hear about what's going to be up with them.

Glad I found your blog. :)