Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Writer's Workshops

There are tons of ways to take advantage of other author's paying it forward. Most will write some information in their blogs. Paperback Writer is the best I've found for this. There are writing groups through Yahoo that also provide free workshops. And then there are a number of online courses offered from RWA chapters and other websites. These are the websites I've found helpful (note this is not a comprehensive list, contrary to popular belief I do have to do things besides surf the Internet during the day):

Wine County Romance Writers, RWA - Their current listing includes "Mark that Historical Sold"(which I'm taking), "Create Characters So Real, So Passionate, You Can't Put Them Down, and Neither Will Your Readers", and "The Language of Liars". They have classes booked out through November 2008.

Writer U Classes last a month and cost $30. Courses currently coming up include "Plotting via Motivation", "Isn't It Romantic? Developing Romance in Your Romance Novel", and "PACING: How To Create A Page Turning Manuscript". Courses are available until November 2008.

Carolina Romance Writers Classes are between $15 and $20 for either a two week or four week course, respectively. Current listing includes courses regarding writer's block, outlining novel (first draft), and spilling the beans.

Washington Romance Writers The only class currently listed is "Dialogue that Dazzles" in February. RWA members only.

Heart of Dixie Classes are $20 for two week courses. Upcoming workshops deal with self-editing, family history fiction, and inside the mind of serial killers and those who track them.

Northeast Ohio Romance Writers of America One class currently listed. "SCREENWRITING TECHNIQUES FOR NOVELISTS: HOW THE SEVENTH ART CAN RAMP UP YOUR PROSE"

From the Heart Romance Writers Classes cost $20. Current listings include "Anatomy of a Love Scene" and some classes to help with the business portion of writing including "Creating a Full Time Writing Business" and "How to Build an Internet Presence"

There are also many sites that have free information on them. Free! Here's a list of the one's in my favorites file right now (it continues to grow), also some of these may be a direct link to one article if you look around there may be more:

On Yahoo Groups - Write_Workshop · The Writing Workshop



http://hollylisle.com/fm/ - Holly Lisle also sells courses and e-books on writing

If it were only this easy, http://vava.essortment.com/howtowritea_rdcd.htm








So google search for something you're having difficulty with in writing and sometimes you'll just get a headache, but other times you'll find a whole lot more than you were looking for. Just try not to get bogged down in trying to learn to write. Writing is the best way to develop your own style and voice. I'll post later this week about blogs that I've found to be informative on writing.

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