Thursday, January 24, 2008

Villians Need Love Too

No I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. I've been working sporadically on my plotting, reading Writing the Breakout Novel, and being paranoid about getting ready to return to the US. I think I've been reluctant about continuing to write because I have scenes written and though I'm not in love with them I might need to rework the entire excalating plot. This book is a lot of action and ramping up means adding some more. I thought about adding a subplot with her brother. A love subplot, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure what kind of subplots I should add. I haven't written the end because I need to work on the rest of the plot before I truly know what's going to happen in the climax. My villian keeps whispering his secrets to me. Why he's doing this. What he hopes to gain. What he's going to do next time. What would make him satisfied with the ending. How he's going to make things tough for more characters if I'm willing to write about them. He's got an agenda. He thinks that what he's doing will make everything better. He'd also like a little more POV. Currently there are two scenes in his POV, but he appears more than those. He's subtle, creative, intriquing and the epitomy of beauty in a male. What more can a woman ask from her villian. :) The question is "Is he evil?" My friend, only time will answer that question. Only time.


Anonymous said...

You know I'm really looking forward to reading this some day! And the villains that are more than "cookie-cutter" are always far more intriguing than the ones who are bad just because they have to be. I think that's why I loved Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith so much, because we finally get to see why Dark Vadar is so dark. It doesn't make up for anything he's done, but I know I really "felt" for him, and gained an entiely new understanding for him.

In other news, my villain actually gave me a nightmare a few nights ago--it was scary as hell, but I have so much to say about him now!

And I like your question at the end there...questioning whether he is truly evil is something that I like, because it keeps me and the reader totally on edge.

Merry said...

Your villain sounds very intriguing! The question is, will he be done to death in Fallen? Or will he be redeemed in his own book later? (Well, maybe not *completely* redeemed. Keep some of the villainous vibes!)

Good luck with getting ready to head back to the US! Have you started packing yet, or are you going to leave it to the last minute?

Amanda said...

Unfortunately I can't wait until the last minute to pack. I need to figure out what needs to be thrown out, given away, or packed. The packed stuff has to be sorted into shipping and carrying back on plane. That includes which books go on which. I sent back a bunch of books with our friends. We have way too much stuff.

Merry said...

**That includes which books go on which. I sent back a bunch of books with our friends. We have way too much stuff.**

If it's books, you can never have too many! (Not enough space, yes. Too many books, no. :big grin:)