Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting Lost

I've been an idea generating machine lately. I haven't written much in my MS except to polish up the first 25 pages for a contest I want to enter. But I need to rework the plot and how I rework the plot may effect the ending I have yet to write. Ergo storyboard. However, that's been put on hold while I scurry around the house trying to make it look presentable for the friends that are coming to visit tomorrow for the weekend. I spent yesterday digging through the toy room sorting and organizing and making mad dashes for my notepad with cryptic lines like "His blood pulsed to the beat of a hundred drums. Louder and louder." and "The fires of hell licked at her boots, spurring her into action."

So, I've got to rip out the belly of my creation, smush it up, add some seasoning and a bit more fat, and throw it into the oven and see what comes out. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to a happily ever after without killing anyone, real or imaginary. You never know though. I've got to figure out turning points. Now, tell me, should there be a four or five turning points for each plot line or for the entire book?

Hmmm. Clean or storyboard? Clean .... or storyboard?


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Clean.......I work out some of my best plot problems then