Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekly Progress Report

I think Friday will be my weekly progress report. Through the Plots & Structure book from the Write Great Fiction series, I learned that a novel has three acts. Act 1 the setup, the Lead goes through the first door of no return, Act 2 the action leading up to the final conflict, the Lead goes through the second door of no return, Act 3 the final conflict and resolution. My current plot falls in line with the Hero's Journey. My character is still in Act 1. I've introduced the lead's world and have another scene before the disruption to the lead's world.

I've written 1512 words total on the story so far mostly this week. On plotting and idea generation and character development, I've written 4244 words this week. That's an average of about 1000 words a day which is not bad given I've only had about an hour to write a day. I'm hoping to kick up the total numbers of hours I spend next week.

Goal setting for next week - average 1500 words per day, 10,000 words total on the story by Friday of next week.

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