Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Cardboard Cutout Men

So I realized last night that though my heroine is fleshed out and has a life outside of the scenes she's playing, my hero (who has yet to have a scene) was this cardboard cutout that I stick in scenes when I'm plotting. Even when I was going through my idea phase and typing out questions and answers I had very few answers where he was concerned. Why would he help her? What's in it for him? What the heck is he doing working at that kind of store? Why should the heroine care about this guy? What makes him special? What is his internal conflict? These questions were milling around my mind before falling asleep. Why indeed.

Right before I fell asleep I realized what it had to be. Of course I didn't have a notepad handy. So I sat and repeated it over and over in my brain. I still had a slight problem with the solution, but after writing it out this morning, it does make sense.

My problem now is that though I wanted to keep this as the heroine's story, I can see how his viewpoint might be useful. I guess I'll keep thinking about him. I do need to find a picture or develop a mental picture of him. The sacrifices I make for my craft. :)


the squeaky mouse gets the cheese said...

Waiting with interest to read this stuff. If you want someone to just read it and say 'good stuff' let me know. If you want someone to find the one typo that spellchecker won't find in a 200 page novel, I'm that guy too.


Amanda said...

Trust me I would love for you to read it. I know this will be a paranormal romance. I don't know the level of depravity(?) the romance with sink to. If it gets too juicy I don't know that I'd feel comfortable with anyone I know reading it. But I don't think this one will sink to that level.