Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Super Excited! FATHER BY CHOICE Available for Preorder

Even though we spent last year in a state of flux because we moved from the Midwest where my husband and I grew up to the Southeast coast where winter has been moderately cold, I was actually able to finish a book while all that was going on. And the great news is it will be released on April 23rd!!! This year!!!

The story is about Brady Ward, the middle brother of three brothers. After spending the past eight years abroad, he returns to the States only to be confronted by the woman he shared one night with. Maggie Brown did try to let Brady know that she was pregnant eight years ago and when his oldest brother started giving her money, she figured she had Brady's answer to how involved he wanted to be. Until Brady's brother comes forward to tell her that Brady doesn't know and sends her to tell him.

This is my first small town story. Set in the fictional town of Tawnee Valley, I tried to create a world that has as many benefits as it has flaws. I grew up in one of the larger small towns in the Midwest, but my fictional town is smaller than even that town. With the shorter format of Harlequin Special Editions, I tried to still maintain the charm of a small town book while keeping the romance in the front.

I can't wait for it to be out so I can hear what readers think!

What type of stories draw you? Small town? Big cities? Family dramas? Work dramas?

P.S. I'm thinking about blogging about my knitting as well. I just found Ravelry.com and have lots and lots of ideas. I'm currently working on a shawl and a pair of fingerless gloves. What do you think? Want to hear about knitting or only writing?


Anonymous said...

I love series that happen in small towns. I haven't caught up to yours, but I will check out Harlequin or Amazon for the series.

Elf2060 said...

Congrats on the new book, and I like to hear about the different aspects of an author's life so by all means share your knitting adventures as well!