Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Monday

If you've heard the song from the 60's, it's in your head now. So I'm blogging over at Wicked Wenches today. It would have been better if the internet hadn't ate it the first time around. I'm plugging away on my MS. Obviously not right now, since I'm working on blogs. :) The kids come home in an hour so I need to get some more done today. Speaking of goals (if you read my post on Wicked Wenches you'll understand), I have high hopes to get this WIP done by Sept 1st and edited by Oct 1 and out into rejection land by Nov 1. I do have to make a decision after this ones finished. Do I continue with this world or start something entirely different? The much darker book in the same world keeps saying nice things to me. Like here's a cool idea. Oh and look here. No over here, dummy. Here's another one. But then this other book on a totally different note, keeps popping into my head. And then there's the idea about ghosts. Oh, and the archaeologist. And I can't forget about the ditsy girl. Let's just say I'm not at a loss for ideas.

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Annie said...

Hi I'm rooting for you too! I hope you finish your book by Sept. 1! Good Luck and Happy Writing!