Monday, August 25, 2008

Loss and Found

Yup that's the way I wanted to spell it. I've dealt with a loss in the family for the past week and have written nothing until today. Today I was able to crank out 2000 words and hopefully can get another 1-2 K before bed time. I have to deal with my house which got away from my husband while I was gone. But with the rugrats home it wasn't like I was going to get to write my Dark Paranormal. So here's to great expectations of the week to come and here's hoping nothing else pops out of the wood work.


New words: 2,017
Total words: 53,116
Breann: Walking a fine line
Jude: Trying to say goodbye
Things that got beat up today: 0 (wait it won't be long)
Random sampling of text: David sat down next to her and held out a Styrofoam cup filled with a black sludge. “The best the hospital has to offer.”
She nodded and gratefully gulped down some of the lukewarm liquid. “Just because you call it coffee doesn’t mean it is.”

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Annie said...

I like the last line. Sorry for your loss.