Friday, August 15, 2008

In the End

I added 856 words and finished reading and started back writing on the scene I'd left off on. The pacing on the last parts is really a fast read for me. I need to go back and add to the scenes that exist, but first things first, finish the damn book. So, we are on a downward spiral to the ultimate black moment. Insert evil laughter here. I plan, once I finish, to do a scene by scene edit. I want to choreograph the fight scenes better. She uses two tricks quite frequently, kneeing in the crouch and stomping on the foot (of course she wears silletto boots :)). I need to finish reading my course work from the class I took, Writing the Kick-Ass Heroine. So that's what I'll be doing during the day. Tomorrow is our local RWA meeting, so yay! I'm glad the kids are back in school.

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