Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Isn't Working For Me

Project Nora is going well. When the kids get back into school, I'm going to do two 2-hour blocks. I find I can't blindly forge ahead in my manuscript. Today I had to stop and research shotgun and if I would call the shells, shells or bullets, but in doing so I realized she wouldn't use a shotgun. As impressive as they sound, they are not that impressive or accurate in shooting big bads. So I looked around and found a better option.

I also got stuck. Which meant I needed to do a little brainstorming on the spot. This also takes away from writing time, but this is how I function as a writer (your mileage may vary). I did jump on Romance Divas and do a few sprints tonight which brought my count up to 2,001 for the day. Which is good for a day I had PT and read and critiqued for a writing buddy. If I could keep up this pace, I could finish in 5-10 days.

Conference is in 4 days, which means I will not likely get Fallen's first draft finished before Nationals. But it does mean I will push to finish it before taking on Alex's story again. Those first 3 chapters need some work, I'm still blabbing too much about the previous books characters and while Mark and Kate are really nice people, they aren't the focus of this book. Okay off to bed with me. I need to write a post about musical inspiration and why I need music to write and silence to edit. :) Later.


Annie said...

hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by my blog! I never quite understood why writers always have women shooting shotguns. I mean i understand some what - great image a woman with this big gun and she can actually shoot it! But I'm glad you found another option. lol. I'm still reading your book (Really slow reading lately for me) still love it. I hope your little ones are healthy and out playing now or inside playing, its so hot, or at least it is here. lol

Happy writing as you destroy your characters' lives,

Kristi said...

Only 5 days worth left? I'd totally be pulling a double-header just to get it DONE and not leave a few thousand words dangling unwritten for a week. Yes, I probably have ADHD but loose ends drive me crazy (which makes the whole thing worse) :)

Your 2-hour block was just hand-on-keyboard time? For some reason I was thinking it was general writing activities.

Maybe once the kids are in school, modify the schedule so its a total of 2 (or whatever) hours of hand-on-keyboard, but with breaks.

Set a count-down timer for 2 hrs and pause it every time you stop to do research, then start it up again. Keep that up until you've counted down to 0 for the day (or more). That way you get the BICHOK thing, but also account for the research :)

Amanda said...

Actually that's a great idea, Kristi! Only 3 weeks until school and unfortunately while I may be game to pull a double header, my family comes first (some of the time) and of course there is Nationals as well. :)

Jeannie Lin said...

What? Cheating on Project Nora? What would Nora do?

And were those kids bleeding? Was your house on fire? j/k. I dropped off a bit on Project Nora near conference time too. Over the next month Project Nora will probably be the only time I can write. I should cherish it.