Monday, July 05, 2010

Project Nora

The continuing saga...

Went well, with a little too much diversion by hubby sitting next to me, readng L.A. Cinderella for the first time. That and I got off on the tangent of research while writing (which we aren't supposed to do), but I had to look up First Class lounges at JFK and then hubby told me about seatguru.com which shows seat configuration for all the planes on all the carriers. I bookmarked it and then moved on with the story.

Fortunately the part I'd written before slid in effortlessly with a little lipstick to make it look pretty so I added 1300 words of a scene I'd already written, plus an additional 1000 words new, which has almost brought me to the end of Ch 2. One more chapter of Alex/Groom and a polish of Casanova and then I can dive back in full throttle on Fallen. No, I haven't given up on it. Yes, I'm still trying to finish it for the third time. I swear it's better this time. :) Then I'll finish up Alex's story or put together the proposal for my three book Silhoutte series.


Annie said...

Hi, wow sound like you are doing great on Project Nora (like the name BTW. Please don't change the name! I like the humor it shows. lol
Anyway I can join the group even though I'm late. lol I need some inspirion to getting my butt in chair and hands on keybroad. lol.


Amanda said...

Feel free to jump on the bandwagon whenever you'd like. :)