Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Flies When You Have Too Much To Do

The other day I got the final copy of L.A. Cinderella for a last check before the printing. This really has been a whirlwind book. Most books take a year or longer from offer date to make it to the stands. I was made the offer Labor Day weekend. Within a week I had an agent and a deal for my book. A couple of weeks later, I had revision notes. After my initial panic attack, I conquered the revision notes and sent them back. By mid October I had a release date and access to my Art Fact Sheet. Meanwhile I had to get busy with Casanova Exposed, the story I had plotted if L.A. Cinderella got picked up. I got my contract mid November. :) That copy got lost in the mail, so I remailed it beginning of January. End of November, I received my copy edits and got busy looking for errors in the MS that I'd missed the first thousand times through. I still found some.

I finished the first draft of Casanova Exposed the second week in December. In January, not a lot happened with L.A. Cinderella. January I revamped my website with the help of my friend, who did an awesome job. Just this week, I received the final version of it (ETA L.A. Cinderella not my website) to read through yet again and a request for my bio and picture for the Harlequin website. I signed up for RWA Nationals including the Literacy signing. I sent Casanova Exposed to my agent, Becca Stumpf, and now it's back to waiting. When Becca's done, it will go to my editor and I'll wait some more. And while I wait...I write. I talked with my editor and am going to proceed with the followup to Casanova which is currently untitled. So while I wait I write, but I'm also working on Fallen. Well...once I get the edits back to my editor and get my mojo back.

I'm still figuring out how all this works. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon.

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