Sunday, February 28, 2010

Head Spinning Yet?

All right, I completed my judging obligations right on time. I went through a round of revisions on Casanova Exposed with my agent. She pointed out some really great things, well not so great things, but we fixed them. Hopefully we will be submitting sometime this week. Fingers crossed.

I'm mucking through this whole release process. Trying to figure out the review process. As in sending out the book for review when you don't have a book to send? I'm still not sure on that one, but I'll muddle through. I sent the first e-mail today, so we'll see.

So now I'm in a bit of a lull. I have to do some accounting work before I can get busy with my manuscripts again. Yes, I'm going to attempt it again. Write two different things at once. I haven't decided if it's better to do them both the same day or give each one a day. *shrugs* It's a work in process, kind of like when I was figuring out my plotting method that works for me. Notecards and storyboards aren't for me, but a quick synopsis seems to do the trick. Plus it's easier to write the synopsis first and then make adjustments after. Otherwise I start throwing everything in it including the kitchen sink. :) And nobody needs to know about the kitchen sink in the synopsis. Even though it may be pivotal to the plot, the kitchen sink should probably be glossed over. Hmmm... I think I pushed that metaphor a bit much.

Moving on... I broke my left shift key trying to clean the cat fur off from underneath. Occupational hazard. It still works, but it wobbles a bit and the windows key... well, it never got used anyway. Hope your writing is going well or reading or whatever you are into.


Kristi said...

Oh just live a little. One maunscript per day. Hah. Try having both open at once! One word per file. Alt-tab is your friend. Muhahahaha!

Obviously kidding :) Even for me, a fully confessed ADD-ish writer who has (mumble grumble) current works in progress, I wouldn't go that far. I'm not sure I've even worked on more than one actual manuscript in the same day. Though I might have written a query letter for one and pages for another in the same writing session...

Good luck in the decision-making :) My suggestion: work on whichever makes you feel less stress about book reviews and submission progress (be that another LA hottie or some angel-butt-kicking...)

Shawntelle Madison said...

Right there with you in two manuscript land. Come have a drink and celebrate living in multiple character's heads.